Neom Tranquillity Pillow Mist

Is anyone really struggling with the end of Summer?
Normally I am over the moon to see the beginnings of Autumn and live for cosy nights in, crunch leaves and everything else the harvest session entails yet this year I have noticed that I am a little down in the dumps.
I will be the first to admit it is nothing serious and there is people out there with far worse problems that I but being a little down is never fun.

As many regular readers may know I am a huge subscriber to the magic of Aromatherapy and typically speaking to boost a mood most will suggest a bright uplifting scent such as bergamont and/or grapefruit- something zesty. However by accident and a happy accident at that I have found Neom's Tranquillity fragrance great for helping banish what Lana Del Ray has dubbed the Summertime Sadness.
The happy accident is that I have now found a use for my Neom Tranquillity Pillow Mist which wasn't quite working out when sprayed on my bed linen, rather I like to use it as a room fragrance and mist it onto all soft fabrics and furnishings for a light but relaxing fragrance throughout the home.

The Tranquillity fragrance as you would imagine is Lavender (English Lavender rather than French as it is cleaner in scent) based but has is a little more special than your typical Lavender with added notes of Basil and Sweet Basil to help take stop the fragrance being heavy. Now I am not going to state that this scent instantly perks me up but what it does do is helps relax and soothe my mind easing it of worries which is as good if not better.

You can find the Neom Tranquillity Pillow Mist* via Neom - link
*PR sample sent for consideration of review.