Saturday, September 28, 2013

Not the Tippex Effect

Rococo Sno Baby

Rococo Sno Baby
Rococo Sno Baby
Rococo Sno Baby

White nail polishes or should that be manicures are having a moment in the beauty world at the moment but sometimes rather than looking super chic they can remind me a little of Tippex (White Out elsewhere?).
If like myself you like the idea of a white manicure but not so much the appearance of flat white nails I may have a solution for you in the form of Rococo's Sno Baby Luxe nail polish.

Basically Rococo Sno Baby Luxe is a glossy white base that features teeny tiny minuscule particles of iridescent glitter suspended throughout. Sometimes glitter polish can be a little full on which there is nothing wrong with on occasion but sometimes you want something a little more subtle that is exactly what this is - a delicate glitter nail polish. The benefits of having a little glitter or sheen in a white polish is that it adds a little dimension and prevents a shade of this nature from being flat or bland for that matter. I know Christmas is still a little while away but you can never be too prepared and I honestly think that Sno Baby will be a fail safe polish for the white months as it reminds me of fresh snow in a whimsical, charming winter wonderland way. As you can probably tell I am a little weak in the knees for this polish!

As with most Rococo polishes the formula of Sno Baby is exceptional - a thick non-gloopy (such a beauty blogger term isn't it?) gloss formula that dries quickly to a high finish and is opaque in two coats. I have included a swatch of the polish after three coats just for reference purposes but it really isn't required as there is next to know difference it terms of coverage between it and three coats. As Rococo polishes are far from cheap to prolong the life span and amount of usages you get from the bottle you may want to save this as a top coat and layer it over a basic white or even a baby blue polish for that matter.

Rococo Sno Baby* £12/14ml via Look Fantastic - link
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  1. I really love this look - I find it chic, understated and so simplistic. Xx

  2. Really liking the whole Tippex nail look - especially now after the Summer, i love how it makes me look more tan haha :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. This looks gorgeous, even trought it's a little bit expensive.
    I reaally like it in three coats.
    Girl's temptations

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  5. What a gorgeous colour! Looks perfect for Christmas!

  6. I'm always weary of white nail polish, I think it can look very odd on some people!

    Slightly Skint Blog

  7. White nail polish can be hit and miss, I think it's a bit of a miss on pale skinned me, but looks better on tanned skin!

    Beauty for the Beauty

  8. I just finished my white Saffron London polish and am looking for a new one. I am still thinking I prefer the Barry M one though as it's matte and smoother :)

  9. I didn't know that brand but I'm not a fan of white nail for the tippex reason. You're right, I guess a few tiny glitter just makes it more classy!

  10. I love the varnish but you are absolutely right, it reminds me of painting my nails with Tippex when I was at school! I had an almost dove white varnish this summer and for the life of me can I find it? No. Really wish I could as it was gorgeous. I am pretty sure it was one of the Barry M Gelly Shines. I haven't heard of the Rococo brand before but I will definitely have a look - £12 isn't too much of a stretch for a decent varnish nowadays (even though I love the cheap Rimmel ones the most!)

    Fi xoxox

  11. Oooo this is a cute shade! The tippex look can like quite cool sometimes but it can be a bit much for winter. The shimmer in this makes it really pretty and subtle for this season. Yum! Emma & Jo. x

  12. This is so so pretty, not sure I can justify spending that much on nail varnish though!
    Megan x MeganRoisinn

  13. This is a beautiful shade!



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