Maybelline Limited Edition Gilded in Gold Collection

I'm a little giddy slash groggy - excited that a few blogs albeit American blogs have seen and even bought new Maybelline Matte Colour Tattoo's and groggy because I can not shake this damned cold/virus...last night I stooped to Night Nurse levels of depravity. 

Truthfully I have no idea if or when the Maybelline Limited Edition Gilded in Gold Collection will arrive in the UK - I'm hoping soon because the matte Color Tattoo's have to be mine.
As you can see from Nouveaucheap's blog there is also three new blushes, two new polishes which look to be similar to the polkadot shades from a while back and two new Colorsensational lipsticks.

The truth is I couldn't give two hoots about anything other than those matte eyeshadows (hello Matte Brown, Nude Pink and Just Beige Color Tattoo's you will be mine soon enough) and I urge you all to head over to Nouveaucheap's post here and see the swatches as there is some dupes for MAC Paint Pots yay!

Now to bind our time until they hit the UK shores...tick tock.

- Image and information credit Nouveaucheap.