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Wantable Beauty Box

I apologise to any UK/European readers in advance that this subscription box programme is only available to those in the US, Canada and Australia but hopefully Wantable will expand soon and that other brands can follow suit with the same sort of idea. Anyway unlike other monthly subscription plans Wantable is totally customised and in theory no two people will receive the same products. Before subscribing to the box you firstly decide if you would prefer jewellery or beauty products, I went for the latter and then you rate various products based on a love, like and dislike chart. Anything you dislike i.e false lashes in my case will never be included within you box - the same concept is also rolled out over formula and shade choice too. Pretty clever huh?

In my box the goodies were pretty varied and was constructed of 90% brands that I have never heard of - a good thing if you are adventurous or simply want to try out lesser known brands. The majority of the products were full sized and included within the box was a receipt like document displaying the true value of each item which is rather honest of Wantable - I did Google the prices and I can safely say that the company have not inflated the r.r.p to make the box seem more desirable. I do have to mention that the packaging is really basic with no frills but truthfully I never keep the likes of Glossybox boxes anyway so the less outer packaging the better I say!

The Contents:

Wantable Beauty Box

Lise Waiter Ombre Souffle Supreme Sample
Two mini cream eyeshadows that feel almost gel like and offer a very light veil of colour. I actually wish that the peach colour came in full size over any of the other products in the box as it is a great everyday shade with a brilliant formula that is not compromised by my oily skin.

Wantable Beauty Box

Japoneseque Travel Smudger Brush
A great compact sized smudger style brush which works wonderfully at blending out harsh lines and creating a soft liner look on the lower lash line.

Wantable Beauty Box

Beauty For Real The Perfect Nude Pencil
No I may not have heard of this brand before but my goodness is this a fabulous light nude pink lip liner, it does state that it is a suit all shade which I find a little over fetched. However for those who enjoy a light pink nude liner that is creamy and does not pull on the lips I say track this baby down! It is the perfect everyday shade for me as I typically wear either MAC Angel or Creme Cup Lipsticks both of which it works well with.

Wantable Beauty Box

FACE Stockholm Veil Lipstick in Raspberry
Along with Japonesque this was the only brand I had some knowledge of, admittedly the lipstick shade is not for me and why a bright orange shade has been dubbed Raspberry is beyond me. Anyway the lipstick glides on smoothly and delivers intense colour pay off without drying the lips and doesn't have a tendency to bleed.

Wantable Beauty Box

Paula Dorf 3-in-1 Perfect Color in Candy Apple
Supposedly you can use this product on your lips, eyes and cheeks much like a NARS Multiple, I'm sure you can it's just that I don't find the red/bronze shade to really lend itself all that well to either the lips or the eyes. In my opinion it is better suited to the cheeks for a ruddy metallic glow. Not my favourite product by any means but I do think a lot of my opinion boils down to the shade.

So yes a rather varied box but a great concept that should ensure that the majority if not all the products you receive will not only be a surprise but suited to your tastes. I do think this concept will catch on and quickly as it gives a whole new lease of life to the beauty box subscription world.

You can find out more about Wantable* here - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.

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  1. I love the sound of this box, hope they bring it over to the UK!x

  2. Looks like a good box! Hope they bring it to the UK soon :)

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  4. Love the list watier samples, I'd love to try those. Also very cool that you got a Japonesque brush! Does it work well?

  5. I like the sound of Wanatble! Wish it was available in the UK :-)

  6. Interesting, shame it isn't in the UK, yet! I love beauty boxes, I've always loved lucky dip style anything, if I had more money I would have every single one going, so it is possibly a good thing it isn't over here.

    I'm really intrigued by the jewellery version, I like the concept but it must be a lot harder to find pieces most people will love without being too safe.


  7. There's some lovely products in this box, shame they don't include the UK :( x

  8. Ah! Really want to try the Japonesque brushes...:)

  9. Such a shame we don't get it in the uk, this looks like something I would actually want!

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow back :)

    Frankie xxx

  10. Surely if they sent you a PR sample then they must be bringing it over? That would just be cruel otherwise!

    I like the idea of getting to choose things you don't want! As I'm quite picky and don't use fake tan, fake eyelashes, etc. However I do love the Glossybox packaging as they're perfect for storing stuff like makeup and stationary!


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