Victoria's Secret Sunny Brights Eau de Toilettes

I promise that this post is the last of my Victoria Secret shares in a long while - I have finally worked my way through all the various lotions and potions and can conclude with two perfectly summer based scents.
From what I have gathered Victoria's Secret Sunny Brights is a summer collection which is limited edition, I can't seem to find any information on if they are rolled out each year or if in fact Sunny Brights was exclusive to 2013. One thing I can say is that the collection is still online and available in store so should you like the sound of either fragrance you can still get your mitts on them!

The Sunny Brights line up features three scents all of which are avaliable as a body lotion, body spray and eau de toilette so you can not only mix and match but layer your fragrance too. Out of the three scents I only liked two which are Sun Blissed and Sky Bright both of which are fairly fruity, as much as I like body sprays et al I prefer eau de toilettes so I bought both in such form. Sun Blissed is a blend of sun kissed Tamarind and Marigold - it should be a light floral but to my nose it has a slightly crisp lemon note and reminds me somewhat of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. The other fragrance I have is Sky Bright which features Crisp Apple and Vibrant Poppy and is somewhat reminiscent of DKNY's Be Delicious but with a grapefruit kick.

Surprisingly despite both scents being eau de toilettes they are fairly strong and are much more long lasting than the typical Victoria's Secret offering. At $12 (no idea if they are being stocked in the UK stores?) each I can not recommend them enough and would urge you to try them out should you get the chance!

American/Canadian readers can find them here - link