Victoria's Secret Such a Flirt EDT

By now you are probably sick fed up of my Victoria's Secret posts and I totally understand but I couldn't share the Such a Flirt EDT. You see this was my first Victoria's Secret purchase ever and the scent I wore the entire fortnight while visiting Florida, so much so that I had to go back and purchase another bottle.
However for $12 who can complain!

Victoria's Secret Such a Flirt is a juicy, fruity yet fresh scent that is light and very easy to wear. The fragrance has two main notes Starfruit and White Orchid which oddly translates to a melon type scent that to some may be a little sickly sweet but regular fans of the VS fragrance line will more than likely enjoy this! Now that I am back home to the rainy typical Scottish weather I will admit that it has lost some of its appeal but come this first hint of sunshine this will be back on my radar.

No the Victoria's Secret fragrances aren't particularly long lasting but as they are so well priced (in the States at least) they are great for everyday wear and with a whole slew of VS stores opening across the UK you now have more of a chance of trying the scents in person!

Cheap, cheerful and fruity...long reign the Victoria's Secret fragrance line!