MAC Viva Glam RuPaul Fall/Autumn 2013

MAC Viva Glam RuPaul Fall/Autumn 2013

Oh no they didn't!
Heck yes they did, MAC have only went and brought back the original Viva Glam spokesperson...yep the one and only RuPaul who first fronted the campaign way back in 1994!

Can I be truthful and say that as fierce (the one and only time I will ever utter such word in this sense) as RuPaul may be I am getting a little bored of MAC re-using their campaign stars. We've had Lady Gaga twice and for reasons unbeknown to man Nicki Minaj also had a two year stunt. Wouldn't it be nice to see someone new and unexpected? Betty White (wouldn't that be amazing), Annie Lennox, Nelson Mandala...the list goes on as there is many a famous face campaigning against AIDS.

Anyway launching next month is a collection of two lip products which the cost of (excluding V.A.T) go straight to MAC Aids Fund. The shade isn't exactly new as it is the original Viva Glam and RuPaul shade but as most us were either very young children or not even born in 1994 it will be new to most. Even if you did have it in 1994 the lipglass is a new addition and it is always nice to revisit the past. 

MAC Viva Glam Fall RuPaul has been described as an intense red burgundy which is said to have a cool blue undertone and be rather flattering. It does look rather fitting for the cooler Autumn weather and will be available at all MAC locations from September 2013.

Images source - Cosmopolitan UK