Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Sizzle and Samba

Bath and Body Works Rio Glow Candle

Along with Sephora I truly wish for a Bath and Body Works store to open within the UK, it doesn't even have to be local to me an online UK store would suffice as I have fallen hard for the brand...hard!
If you haven't set foot inside a Bath and Body Works shop it is basically a cross between Yankee, Lush and The Body Shop but much more funky and they do the best home fragrances ever be it candles, room sprays or plug in's they do it all.

Myself and my sister spent countless hours perusing the aisles of Bath and Body Works while in the states and although I do adore the typical "bath and body" items such as body sprays and shower gels my obsession lies within the candle stands. Oh my goodness does this company know how to create a mean candle - large in size with three wicks (if you purchase the biggest size that is), fairly kind on the pocket $20 (but they do run promotions all year long so it is unlikely you will ever need to pay full price) coupled with an intense scent throw there really is nothing I don't like about them. Each candle also comes with a chic stainless steel lid to help keep the scent of your choice fresh as well as acting as a snuffer to put the flame out.

I of course bought a good few of their now infamous candles but my favourite summer scent has to be Rio Glow (my ultimate favourite has to be Leaves it is Autumn personified and I can't wait to burn it). Rio Glow is everything I imagine the Brazilian town to be sexy, warm and oddly fruity. It probably smells how you imagine (think Escada's typical scent offerings and you will hit the nail on the head) but for those with curious minds and noses this offering includes notes mango, papaya and guava it truly is scrumptious and captures the essence of a warm summer evening perfectly.

Sadly Bath and Body Works Rio Glow candle is not available within the UK for what I deem a reasonable price but if you are desperate for it you can pick it up via Amazon for £30 (ouch) - link
American readers can purchase this for a measly $10 via Bath and Body Works -link

Random Fact - Rio will be hosting the 2016 Olympic Games and the last match of the 2014 World-Cup.

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  1. I'm so desperate for a sephora to come here, I really want a bath and body work candle!!!


  2. I'm getting quite impatient with B&BW to open up shops here in Europe as well, at least an online shop! Their candles all seem absolutely amazing, and it would be nice for my wallet if this could replace my diptyque obsession lol! x

  3. I'm addicted to buying Candles and when they smell amazing it's even worst


  4. I love their candles! I have so many and they all smell amazing <3


  5. I absolutely love candles. Especially yankee candles.. have you ever tried them?.. They have such lovely scents..

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  6. I'm obsessed with Kringle candles at the moment, the scents are great and scent throw is amazing! plus they do some dupes of B&BW scents so whilst we wait for them to come to the UK, this is a great substitute :)

    The Beauty Belle

  7. Completely with you on that, love B&BW :). I love the Lily flame candles - they burn really well and smell amazing.

  8. Americans get everything
    except except free healthcare

    Great post
    Love Oresiri

  9. I am obsessed with Bath and Body Works candles, luckily my Godfather lives in the states so he brings me back a special package whenever he visits :) x

  10. Can't wait til my honeymoon next year when I get to go and sniff all these things, stateside!

  11. I inquired about a Bath and Body Work's in France and I do passed an order for France, yeah !

  12. I live in the UK and I'm also heartbroken that there isn't a BBW store here! I've bought a few BBW candles from ebay from a couple of amazing sellers and the 3 wick candles on there are about £20-25, mostly with free delivery, and I couldn't recommend them enough! <3 <3



  13. There really needs to be a BBW store in the UK!x

  14. Sounds fab! Edinburgh used to have a store - I was there just about every day ;) x


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