Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush Eau de Parfum

Did I purchase this scent based on how pretty the bottle is?
Maybe but I can assure you the fragrance held within the mock bouquet bottle is every bit as beautiful in not more than the packaging and according to perfume legend the fragrance is based on Romeo and Juliet (romantic or what?) that my friends is what we call a win win!
Let us say hello to Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush Eau de Parfum...

If you are not a fan of light floral fragrances this scent is not for you as it is a composition of champagne, pink pepper and apricot blossom as the top notes. Pink passion flower, marigold and white freesia can be found within the heart, while base notes include hints of ambergris, musk and cashmere wood which may not sound all that floral but the end result very much is of that category.

I am really struggling to say what this reminds me of as nothing I own is really all that similar - I guess at a pinch fans of the likes of Marc Jacobs Daisy should be on board with this offering as they have the same sparkling floral scent and in my opinion Vera Wang Princess is not entirely different either. Other than that I'm afraid you will have to go to your nearest Vera Wang counter and put this to the sniff test.

Summed up a great subtle floral fragrance that is delicate and feminine making it perfect for both work and play not to mention the bottle does look rather bad ass on your dresser...that shouldn't influence your buying decision in the slightest of course ha!

Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush Eau de Parfum £35-£62 via Debenhams - link

Random Fact - The names "Romeo" and "Juliet" are used in the phonetic alphabet to represent the letters "R" and "J"