Viridian Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil

Viridian Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil

Up until last month I was not one to use a nail or cuticle oil and of course as a result my cuticles and the skin surrounding my nail beds was completely dry and prone to peeling which could sometimes be painful. After speaking to a lovely nail technician Lia (Swoon Room Glasgow) she told me that the all of my nail woes could be resolved if I simply slathered on a little cuticle oil as part of my night time routine. Consider me told!

At the moment before drifting off to the land of nod I quickly dab on a little of Viridian Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil on to each nail and massage in haphazardly. This little bottle of oil is jam packed with natural ingredients such as Rosemary Extract and Organic Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil to help moisturise, strengthen and promote growth for both the finger and toe nails. However that is not all as this is a completely natural product they were able to include a few extracts for an anti-fungal effect to help keep your tootsies in tip top condition.

In my experience this almost lemon zingy scented oil has so far rid my nails of dry, overly noticeable cuticles and moisturised the surrounding skin so that I no longer have countless cuts and hacks due to peeling skin as for the nail growth I have certainly seen an improvement.The anti-fungal aspect I can't vouch for as applying oil to my toes is a concept that I can't quite wrap my head around just yet.

Basically this is a great all round nail oil that will last an age as a little goes a long, long way!

Viridian Organic Nail and Cuticle Oil* £12.95/12ml via Viridian - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.

Random Fact - Himalayas means “abode of snow”.