Waxing at Beauty Within Liana Glasgow

I've went from plucking my eyebrows every now and then to religious attending waxing sessions.
I'll be the first to admit that I never fully understood the importance of a good brow shape until the first time I got them re-shaped and tinted. Gone are the light blonde and dare I say it bushy brows that did nothing for my face/eye shape and in is light brown arched brows that really open my eyes up...if I don't say so myself.

If you are a waxing and/or brow newbie then I do highly recommend popping along to your local Benefit Brow Bar (you can find your nearest bar here - link). For £18 they will tint, wax, pluck and trim your brows and really open your eyes (pun fully intended) to the wonders of a good eyebrow shape. The only downsides to such service is that sometimes and I say sometimes they can have a tendency to really arch the brow which can leave you looking a little startled to say the least. However I'm sure if you say easy on the brow arch that is exactly what you will get. My main bug bear with the Benefit Brow Bar is that the majority of locations I have visited they wax in open on the store floor which when you pull ugly faces (think Kim Kardashian crying) it can get a little embarrassing, that and they only wax brows so it is a little restrictive and expensive on the whole.

For the latter reasons above myself and my wee Grannie decided to visit somewhere more local for our pre-holiday facial waxing and as I really enjoyed my massage at Beauty Within Liana and as it is fairly local we popped along to get de-fuzzed. Unlike the Benefit Brow Bars this salon waxes in the privacy of a spa room which is a 100% more relaxing and oddly quicker. I think because you are lying down the waxer has easier access to the skin/brows and can really set to work. Esther at Beauty Within (she also carried out my massage) is one of the friendliest therapists you will ever meet, you honestly can not feel more comfortable or at ease in her presence which is turn makes the waxing experience a whole lot more enjoyable! 

This time around I got a brow tidy as I am fairly happy with my brow shape - I have naturally thin brows so truth be told other than a little tidy there is not much I can do, I am contemplating the brow tattoo process but that is a post for another time. My brows where literally over and done within two  minutes as was my lip wax (bye bye baby caterpillar!) with no redness, tingling or any other tell tales signs of waxing. The best part is that at this spa/salon if you purchase three or more waxing treatments you get 10% off. Between myself and my Gran we got five treatments: two brow waxes, two lip waxes and a chin wax for £27 which is really well priced for such a great service.

If you live in the Bearsden/Milngavie area I really recommend popping along.
For prices/services and address you can visit their site here - link 

Disclaimer - This was NOT a complementary treatment we paid for our own waxing.

Random Fact - Coke (as in Coca-Cola) was originally green in colour.