Oh hayfever season how I loathe you.
My eyes are meant to be the window to my soul (ha!) yet all summer long they are a red puffy mess thanks to my allergies to pollen. If that sounds familiar you may want to hot foot it to your local Origins counter and test out Origins No Puffery as it may just be the answer to your current eye woes!

Housed in a little squeeze tube not much bigger than the typical lipgloss with a cooling metal tip lays the hydrating yet soothing liquid that is Origins No Puffery. Basically this nifty little product rolls on to the skin via the cooling yet massage like roller ball on to the surrounding eye area and by using ingredients such as yeast to deflate any bags/puffy skin, Hoelen Mushroom extract to calm, soothe and reduce redness it goes straight to work.

It is one of the few eye products in which you don't just feel the effects you actually can see them from the instant you apply - puffiness deflates pretty much instantly and signs of redness reduce after 5 minutes or so. I also find it is a great product to rid the eyes of any itchiness, let's face it the soft fluid motions of a rollerball are so much kinder to the delicate skin surrounding the eye than rubbing or scratching can ever be. For an extra treat particularly after a day in the sun (yep summer has finally arrived in Britain) stash No Puffery in the fridge before using and prepare for a moment of bliss!

Origins No Puffery* £24/15ml via Origins - link
and can also be found via House of Fraser - link, Selfridges - link and Debenhams - link (has a free promotional gift offer ongoing with Origins at the moment) all for the same price.
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.

Random Fact - Jelly beans are coated in shellac...yep the same brand nail technicians use!