Have you ever sat down and looked at all the skin care products you use not only on a daily basis but over a fortnight? You will be shocked, oh lordy you will be shocked!
It all adds up a face mask here and there, a scrub, various serums and moisturisers before you know it your entire living room floor is hidden under a carpet of lotions and potions and maybe a cat too...sorry Iggy!

If like myself you are not only a skin care junkie but also jetting off soon for a two week break then my friend it is time to invest in some mini bottles to decant all those products into. Not only will doing so reduce not only the weight but the space all those large bottles take up in a suitcase. I bought a good few of mine from Primark (I think a set cost £1 or £2), Superdrug and oddly MAC.

Once you've decanted enough product for two weeks (or however long you may be away from home) you may well be shocked at how little product you use and how much of a waste of space packing full sized bottles away with you would be. That and doesn't everything look super cute in mini form? I am now questioning why I use so many products - transferring various products from one bottle to the other will leave you questioning your skincare sanity. I mean four face masks, is that really necessary? My other piece of packing know how is to recommend the Tili Bags -review link, especially the gallon size that way you neatly pack all your skincare must haves in watertight bags so should any little bottle go rogue and burst your clothes and other contents remain unscathed. 

Ladies and gents don't be a clown like I have and forget to label each bottle - I now have the feckless task of sniffing and identifying countless liquids and confirming what each substance is. Oh joy!

Random Fact - A shrimp's heart is in its head.