Tili Blue Gallon Bags

By now you may have realised that I have what could be deemed as a slight penchant for organisational products - everything in it's place and all that. Again by now you will have most likely gathered that I jet off very soon and my oh my am I having a ball packing mainly thanks to Tili Bags.
Tili Blue Gallon Bags

A few days ago I reviewed the quart size Tili Bags in pink here - link but today I have the gallon size in blue which do share the same three designs as the pink version only in a blue/green colour scheme but equally as pretty. The gallon size is of course a whole lot larger as you can see from the comparison images which make them ideal for the beach when away from home, general clothing or if you swimming at any point they are wonderful for holding a wet swim suit. 

Tili Blue Gallon Bags

Unlike the quart size Take It or Leave It bags are not recommend for carry on luggage at the airport due to the sizing dimensions but there is nothing stopping you placing a few in your suitcase for trips to the beach - I plan on using one for my wet beachwear and to store my sunscreen, saying goodbye forever to a soggy beach bag which is coated in sand thanks to a wet bikini. Simply pop in the wet garments, use the zip lock seal and tah-dah everything is water tight - such a simple item but sheer genius at the same time.

Once you own a pack of the Tili funky organisational bags you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

Tili Gallon Bags* £6.50 for 12 via abeautifulworld - link
If you do decide to order please use the code SUNDAY20 to take 20% off your order!
*PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

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