The Cannes film festival comes around once a year and like most I sit back and swoon at the sheer level of glamour on show. From beautiful dresses, immaculately styled men and all the glorious make-up and hair on show it really is a feast for the eyes.

Speaking of hair a good number of my favourite styles were created by the Leonol Greyl team with top celebrity hair stylist Johnnie Sapong at the forefront. Of course both Sapong and the team were responsible for countless effortless French chic hair styles sported at Cannes 2013 which you can read more about on the Leonol Greyl blog but the one design that has been wedged firmly in my memory is Eva Herzigova.

Eva's look was simple but oozed a-list style - a super stylish, scraped back bun that is fairly easy to recreate at home more so with the help of two Leonol Greyl products both of which are from natural origins. To freshly washed hair I applied Huile Secret de Beaute Oil which is a great multi-purpose product that not only protects the hair from heat but also leaves the hair looking and feeling silky which is great for such a poised hair creation. I blew dry my hair straight and then again applied a little oil to rid any frizz before applying Eclat Naturel on the crown of my head and teasing into a tight pony tail just above the nape of my neck. I applied a little more of Eclat Naturel to the ends of my hair which is a de-tangling styling cream before slowly twisting into a bun and securing with some pins. Et voila simple Cannes inspired hair with miniumal effort!

The great thing about such style is that after a few hours the hair sets in a bun and once you loosen out the bun you are left with loose waves with channel Rosario Dawson's Cannes Leonol Greyl style. Two styles in one using only two products how can you loose!

In the words of Johnnie Sapong - "I feel the brand can be love and adore by the all nation because it has it's own distinct level of service."

You can purchase Leonol Greyl Eclat Naturel from Selfridges, Cult beauty, Bliss pharmacy, John Bell & Croyden and Harrods but at the moment Leonol Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute Oil can only be found in Harrods pharmacy (not online) and also Net-a-Porter.

- This is a sponsored post.