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MAC Indulge Collection 2013

MAC Indulge Collection 2013

Today on Specktra a few promotional images of the new MAC Indulge Collection cropped up and I simply had to share them with you all. This summer was all about the Great Gatsby but another F.Scott Fitzgerald novel sprung to mind when I saw the images - The Beautiful and the Damned. It has an eerie yet spoiled with riches vibe and I love the set up. The product shades...well I'm undecided for now.

MAC Indulge Collection 2013

MAC Indulge Collection - Autumn/Fall 2013

MAC Indulge Collection 2013

Guilty Morsel  - Light Gold (Lustre)
Sex & The Oyster  - Greyish Green (Veluxe Pearl)
Three Ring Yellow - Green Yellow (Veluxe Pearl) (Re-promote)
Divine Decadence - Golden Bronze (Veluxe Pearl)
Palace Pedigreed – Dark Plum Purple (Satin) (Re-promote)

Blacktrack - black (Permanent)
Deliciously Rich – dark brown grey
Gilt Gourmet – gold but with a glitter finish

Powder Blush 
Tease Your Tastes - Soft Baby Pink

- #266 Small Angle Brush 
- #213 Fluff Brush

 MAC Indulge Collection 2013

Smash Hit - Golden Flash? Looks like a light beige gold to me with a shimmer finish(Dazzle)
By Design - Light beige pink (Frost)
Feed The Senses - Purple nude, it looks similar to Angel in my opinion. (Lustre)
Just a Bite – Light blue red? Looks similar to to Ruby Woo et al in my opinion (Satin)

Ultimate Dish - Light pearl beige 
Liqueur - Deep brown that leans purple
Fashion Punch - Light Pink
Utterly Tart - Crimison

MAC Indulge Collection 2013

Nail Lacquer 
Magnificent Feast  - bright gold with a glitter finish (Frost)
Sinfully Sweet - light champagne with gold pearl (Frost)
Over-Indulge - gunmetal with a gold pearl effect (Frost)
Impassioned - a bold yellow toned pink  (Creme)
Rebel - true purple (Creme)
Screening Room - light teal (Creme)

MAC Indulge Collection for Fall/Autumn 2013 will be on counters early August within the UK and the US/Canada.

All images/shade info are credit to Specktra.

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  1. Those images are so beautiful! I like the look of the Divine Decadence eyeshadow and also the fashion punch lipgloss. I'm not sure about some of the others though.

    Colour Shimmer Sparkle
    Bree :)

  2. The nail polishes look beautiful and the promo photos are amazing! xox

  3. Uffft. I'm loving some of the products here! Three ring yellow, palace pedigreed and the gold liner have really caught my eye! :) xx

  4. Love this post!

  5. Love the look of the new collection!

  6. With this and Clarins' winter collection I'm going to be left poor! Should probably get a loan in advance of these... Haha!

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes

  7. I like the golds and the bronzes but none of the lip colours look like they're in my comfort zone! The promo pics are beautiful.

  8. The blush, just a bite lipstick and the palace pedigree eyeshadow are coming home with me :D

  9. Just a bite will definitely be making its way into my collection <3

  10. that first look is so gorgeous

    charlotte x

  11. Gonna get me sex and the oyster, and every single one of those lipsticks!

    Sherry Darling's Things

  12. I love the lipsticks! With this, All About Orange and NARS Fall collection, it's official: I'll be penniless... :-D xx

  13. Wow, this collection looks amazing, I want them all! :)
    Frankie xx

  14. The pigments colors is so crazy, I like the silver reflects !

  15. Rebal nail varnish = my winter staple. I've nearly finished my current one so a back up and Sex and the Oyster will be mine.


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