MAC Indulge Collection 2013

Today on Specktra a few promotional images of the new MAC Indulge Collection cropped up and I simply had to share them with you all. This summer was all about the Great Gatsby but another F.Scott Fitzgerald novel sprung to mind when I saw the images - The Beautiful and the Damned. It has an eerie yet spoiled with riches vibe and I love the set up. The product shades...well I'm undecided for now.

MAC Indulge Collection 2013

MAC Indulge Collection - Autumn/Fall 2013

MAC Indulge Collection 2013

Guilty Morsel  - Light Gold (Lustre)
Sex & The Oyster  - Greyish Green (Veluxe Pearl)
Three Ring Yellow - Green Yellow (Veluxe Pearl) (Re-promote)
Divine Decadence - Golden Bronze (Veluxe Pearl)
Palace Pedigreed – Dark Plum Purple (Satin) (Re-promote)

Blacktrack - black (Permanent)
Deliciously Rich – dark brown grey
Gilt Gourmet – gold but with a glitter finish

Powder Blush 
Tease Your Tastes - Soft Baby Pink

- #266 Small Angle Brush 
- #213 Fluff Brush

 MAC Indulge Collection 2013

Smash Hit - Golden Flash? Looks like a light beige gold to me with a shimmer finish(Dazzle)
By Design - Light beige pink (Frost)
Feed The Senses - Purple nude, it looks similar to Angel in my opinion. (Lustre)
Just a Bite – Light blue red? Looks similar to to Ruby Woo et al in my opinion (Satin)

Ultimate Dish - Light pearl beige 
Liqueur - Deep brown that leans purple
Fashion Punch - Light Pink
Utterly Tart - Crimison

MAC Indulge Collection 2013

Nail Lacquer 
Magnificent Feast  - bright gold with a glitter finish (Frost)
Sinfully Sweet - light champagne with gold pearl (Frost)
Over-Indulge - gunmetal with a gold pearl effect (Frost)
Impassioned - a bold yellow toned pink  (Creme)
Rebel - true purple (Creme)
Screening Room - light teal (Creme)

MAC Indulge Collection for Fall/Autumn 2013 will be on counters early August within the UK and the US/Canada.

All images/shade info are credit to Specktra.

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