Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bon Voyage

As you may know as of today I will be in Florida for two weeks with my family to bond shop until I drop and visit Mickey Mouse and are never too old!

I have scheduled a good few posts but will admit to defeat when it comes to time so in lieu of my regular four-five posts a day on some days there may be slightly less. Oh well!
Do keep your eye out for a few brilliant guest posts as well as a good few giveaways.

I have not taken my lap top or iPad with me so I don't quite know how much internet acess I will have but I will certainly do my best to reply to any urgent questions/emails. Otherwise I will reply as soon as I get home.

Until then enjoy the sunshine and the new posts mi amigos! 

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  1. Wish you'll ave a good time ! Xo, xo - Anna.

  2. Have a fantastic holiday, I envy you!

  3. ENJOYYYYYY!!!! Have fun, lovely :)

  4. Have fun Adrienne. So jealous you're off to spend 2 weeks in Florida. I miss America so damn much. I hope you have the nicest time with your family. And say hi to Mickey & co for me will ya? haha :)

  5. Yayyyyyy!!!!! Fun with Mickey. Have a pineapple whip for me, wouldja?

  6. OMG so jealous! Have the most amazing time! Can't wait to see the photos when you get back xxx


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