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Pretty Pink Lip Picks

A big hello to all readers and followers of The Sunday Girl. I'm Shona from freshbeautyxox, a beauty and lifestyle blog with the odd fashion post thrown in here and there. I'm delighted to be guest posting for Adrienne today as her blog is a firm favourite mine. I hope you enjoy reading about my Top 5 Lip Products!

MAC Lipstick in Angel £14

Angel is a soft nude pink that has a frost finish. It's very wearable and is a perfect everyday baby pink, it of course also has the usual MAC vanilla scent which I adore. Sometimes I find it to be a little too frosty for me but overall it's a firm favourite of mine. I usually find light pinks to lack in pigmentation but Angel doesn't lack in pigmentation at all and it is very buildable. I don't find MAC Lipsticks to be the best on lasting time with this lasting a few hours before I have to reapply. It doesn't bother me too much though, I can forget about this as I really adore this lipstick.

Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick in Barely Blush £4.99

This lipstick has quickly found its way into my favourites after winning it in a giveaway. It's a gorgeous pink that leans a little to the brown toned side but don't be put off by this as it is gorgeous! It feels so creamy and moisturising when you apply it and it glides onto the lips with ease. The pigmentation of it is average, nothing special but you can build it up. It feels light on your lips, almost like a balm but, it lasts like a lipstick. I find I have to reapply about every 4 hours. Overall its a really nice natural pink shade and its moisturising formula makes it a dream to wear!

L'Oreal Shine Splash in Lolita £7.99

It's safe to say that there are lots of mixed opinions on the newbie to L'Oreal however I really like them. I have two shades but Lolita is definitely my favourite. It's a raisin pink shade, a colour I thought I'd never wear but I'm really loving it. The applicator is tapered, almost petal shaped, I really this. The pigmentation of this lip product isn't the best but the formula means you can layer it and it still looks nice. I find it lasts on my lips for about 2 hours, pretty good for a lipgloss. Overall this does have its faults but I do really enjoy wearing it!

Collection Cream Puff in Cotton Candy £2.99

This is a product that has only recently joined my ever expanding lip product collection but it has quickly become one of my favourites, maybe even my number 1 favourite of the moment. Cotton Candy is muted pink shade, a very wearable colour. It gives your lips a matte finish but whilst being moisturising, it's really creamy and velvety. Matte lip products have a reputation for being drying but this doesn't feel dry at all during the 4-5 hours I find it stays on for. I didn't expect much from this product but I can't wait to try more shades!

MUA Intense Kisses Gloss in Lips are Sealed £2

And last but certainly not least are the MUA Intense Kisses Glosses, I've chosen to show you my favourite shade out of the ones I own: Lips are Sealed. This gloss is so pigmented for a lip gloss, it beats all my others on pigmentation. But, it isn't thick, it feels comfortable on your lips and light. It also isn't sticky at all, I actually find it to feel a little moisturising! Being a gloss it doesn't last too long but I do find it lasts for about 2 hours, longer than a larger portion of my glosses. Overall these are a total bargain for only £2!

So, those are my top 5 lip products, they change all the time but these have been my favourites for a little while now! Are any of these your favourites as well?

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  1. I love the L'Oreal Shine Splashes, I have a couple of them and love wearing them. Lolita's a gorgeous colour :) xx

    D Is For...

  2. Just picked up the L'Oreal Shine Splash in Lolita yesterday and I love it! I'm not a big lipgloss fan as I hate the tacky, sticky feeling but this feels so comfortable on the lips and gives them a lovely pink colour.

  3. I love all the colours, I think I may need a few!
    PS Blogger, Beauty Addict!

  4. I have the L'Oréal Gloss and to be totally honest I don't really like gloss but this one is just perfect, big like ! :)

  5. I have a L'Oreal Shine Splash in Princess and it lasts (with 2 layers) the whole day, no matter how greasy food I eat etc. I really really love it!


  6. I really like the look of the MAC and Seventeen lipsticks, will definitely be going to swatch those when I'm in town next!

    I have Cotton Candy by Collection 2000, it's amazing and lasts for ages so it's perfect if you don't have time to reapply and such all the time.

    I'll definitely be checking your blog out hun, loved this post, keep up the great work! :D

  7. I love Barely Blush! It's one of my favourite everyday colours :) xx

  8. I'm loving the L'oreal shine splash..YSL glossy stain dupe???

  9. I love the L'oreal shine splash!

  10. Oo gorgeous love the l'oreal mite have to pick some up

  11. I like the look of Collection's cream puff!
    Defo going to buy it :)

    Alicekatex :)


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