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Best of British Beauty


I tend to forget that yes people do chose to visit the UK for a break and many of such visitors are beauty lovers too. So with that in mind I have composed a small guide to the Best of British cosmetic brands to try out should you visit any time soon. Some brands may be stocked overseas (I know Boots brands are now in U.A.E and select American locations) but I've included them none the less.

One of my favourite skin care brands has to be REN I have tried so many products from skin care to bath and body items and have never been disappointed nor has anything ever irritated my skin.
It is one of the few skincare brands that have the perfect balance of natural ingredients combined with science so each and every product within the line never disappoints. My personal favourites include the Rose Otto bath range particularly the oil and of course the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. REN cater to every skin type and skin need so I am confident should you investigate the brand you will find something fitting. 

Rimmel has started to branch out and I have seen a good few international bloggers mention their products here and there but as it is a British brand you can bet that the UK will have all the newest products first! At the moment the UK is getting ready for the launch of the Rimmel Shadow Paints but for me Rimmel do nail polish (their pro line particularly) and lip products rather well. I rate their Kate Moss Matte lipsticks and of course the Apocalips lip lacquers. This is one of those brands that do budget rather well and don't tend to skimp on quality.

You don't need me to tell you that Sleek Make-Up are the king of funky eye palettes but don't forget to check out their blush range which in my opinion are on par with the likes of NARS and their OCC Lip Tars dupes in the form of Sleek Pout Paints.

No.7 does tend to be viewed as a company for the more mature shopper but don't let that put you off they have a wonderful range of nail polishe, lipsticks and of course their new BB Lip Balms which are great dupes for the Clarins Lip Prefectors. I would love to be able to recommend their skin care line but I'm afraid I haven't really tried all that much but their shower oil is nice enough. Do keep an eye out for their £5 off in-store vouchers too!

Another wonderful and natural based UK skin care brand is Balance Me Beauty, regular readers will of course be used to me harping on about their Wonder Eye Cream which is one of the best all round eye creams EVER! Much like REN this brand have all skin types covered and again is one of the few brands that I can buy in confidence knowing that all the products are of high quality and never irritate me skin - their lip balm is also pretty kick ass too!

I think that every single British Beauty Blogger out there will have at least one Barry M Nail Paint within their stash and for very good reason too. Barry M constantly add new shades and effects to their Nail Paint line so that is fresh and up to date but always affordable. From glitters, crackle, neons, Chanel dupes and classic shades Barry M nail paints have it all. You should also check out their lip paints and sparkle dusts if you are a fan of loose pigment eyeshadows.

At the moment the British beauty scene is swapped with home grown brands including Accessorize which can be a little hit and miss but they do great budget nail products and their baked eyeshadows and blushes/bronzers are on par with MAC quality. We also have Look Beauty which is pretty expensive for what most outsiders would deem as a drugstore brand - unless it is on special offer I don't tend to bother with their products but I do like their lip liners and blushes. 

There was a time when MUA could launch a new product and a stampede would quickly form, these days not so much but for a budget brand they are pretty difficult to beat. Like most I would deem their palettes to be the products to seek out first but I do also rate their brow pencils and their new highlighter. 

Bourjois is not strictly a UK company but it is so easily found here that I can't not include it. For a great but pocket friendly foundation this should be the brand you hit up first. Truthfully there is not anything that Bourjois don't do well from mascaras to nail polishes they have it all. Do be sure to check out their new bronzing products too!

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  1. I have never tried MUA but I do love a bit of No7 and Barry M for cheap affordable nail polish :)

    Zoe x

  2. I'm a huge bougois fan for summer, healthy glow serum is my no.1 foundation choice at the moment and I LOVE the new bronzing primer!
    Barry M - can't go wrong, even though their polishes don't wear as well as my beloved Nails Inc, they're great for a cheap and cheerful splash of colour or to try out a new effect polish!

  3. Thanks heaps for this post from New Zealand hehe =] xx.

  4. Don't forget Illamasqua! Plus any visitors should stock up on nail polish as we're not allowed to mail it out of the UK anymore ):

  5. The only brand Ive ever tried is MUA. But I heared about others too :).

  6. I love Salon Pro nail polishes, they're amazing! And I totally agree with the whole Sleek part! I have the Oh So Special palette and IT IS AMAZING! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  7. They're giving away free balance me products with this months Glamour! xx

  8. I've seen. The accessorize store but never dropped in!

  9. I love Sleek and MUA best from the UK, luckily both of these can easily be found online in my country too. Lovely post :) xx

  10. Awesome post! I haven't ever considered trying the Accesorize make up range, but might give a blusher or bronzer a go!
    Darling Zara - London Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  11. Great selection of brands. Just 1 thing missing- Seventeen (another Boots owned brand). The Mirrorshine lipstick range is my absolute favourite drugstore lipstick formula. Lovely selection of colours, applies like a dream and very moisturising too. :)

  12. I need to try some of the products from Accessorize! Laura from Twinkle Style & Travel Magazine and A Life With Frills

  13. I haven't tried REN before but I love the Rimmel nail polishes! Find them really easy to apply!

    Katie xx

  14. I agree with so many things on here! I think it just makes me a bit sad that here in the UK we get recognised for cheap brands that don't seem as good as their American counterparts - the standard of Wet N Wild and Covergirl etc seem to be miles ahead of MUA etc sometimes!


  15. I love MUA palettes, I have the undressed palette and I use it almost everyday!
    Also, I find that Marks and Spencer do really good nail polishes, they last a long time without getting gloopy!

  16. REN is by far one of my favourite brands
    Emma x

  17. I love Sleek products, they're great. I need to try more REN products soon!


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