Every wondered what your fellow beauty blogging buddies have in the form of blogging advice or perhaps you dream of one day starting your own beauty blog and are looking for a few pointers?
Well today's post delivers just that.

"Really interact with other bloggers as soon as you start your blog. Social media is a great tool and you can find so many like minded people and sometimes make firm friendships. Interaction is key"

"I'd say the best advice is to just stay true to products you love and write the kind of posts you'd love to read!" Katherine, thebeautyvisual.blogspot.co.uk

"My piece of advice is don't be afraid to do something a little different, go with your instinct - it's almost always right!" Efia, effytalkslife.blogspot.com

"Always be true to yourself. Don't feel you need to be blogging about the newest product because everyone else is - and don't feel you aren't as good as others because of this. If you want to blog about a product you've repurchased for years and years - do it! As much as you want your blog to be read, it's yours: write about what you love, hate, whatever but never feel pressured; you don't have to write a certain way or about certain things. People will see your personality shining through and that's whats important." Rachael, beautythoughts38.blogspot.co.uk

"The best advice its to pick a name that really defines or sums up who you are and what your blog would be about. Make it catchy yet simple enough that people won't be having a hard time typing it. After that, choose categories or topics that you would like to cover on the blog and share and make them your strenght. In time, you might diversify if you find yourself drawn to more things but when you try to strenghten your niche then your readers will know what to expect. Have fun and enjoy writing but don't forget about keeping yourself up to date with other blogs and mags. Thanks! " Dee, HauteFrugalista.com

"My best piece of advice is just to be really honest about all products reviewed. A lot of people visit a blog for advice and an honest opinion on a particular product and not the company's given product information." Jess,  jsandmakeup.co.uk 

"Don't feel pressured into writing a post every day. Quality not quantity. I felt bad when I didn't have something planned for every day but I've realised it's better to write about things that excite you and posts will come to you more naturally than if you force it. You only have 3 followers? So what! Be pleased there are some people out there reading your blog and more will come with time. Believe in yourself!" Cheryl, thebeautystop.co.uk

"Be honest and be your true self. Interact with other bloggers on Twitter as Twitter is your best friend when it comes to blogging. Enjoy yourself, don't feel pressured to blog everyday and definitely don't feel pressurized to blog about a new product just because X, Y & Z has. Blogging's supposed to be fun! So enjoy it." Sabi, gloss-aholic.blogspot.co.uk

"Make your blog look aesthetically pleasing before posting anything and to post very regularly (at least 3x per week) so that you can keep people checking back. Best of luck to new bloggers!" Jocelyn beautifulbrokelifestyle.com/

"Write about things you genuinely love or enjoy doing so you can be positive about it, whether it's about a product, situation or just life if general as it's great to read posts by someone who has a passion for what they are writing about and who seems to be really enjoying blogging. Let your personality shine through in your posts and remember a kind comment that shows you've really taken the time to read what someone has posted can make someone's day" Rosalie, rosaliejayne.blogspot.co.uk

"Just start, and as you go on you can evaluate what posts you enjoy writing the most and keep improving your writing and your style." Ayshe, www.discoveringbeauty.co.uk

"Don't let anyone control your blog! Post what you want to- PR sending you gifts, doesn't mean you have to write about them!" Chanelle, www.p-isforpippa.blogspot.co.uk

"My advice would be to be realistic about what you can achieve, I have a full time job and travel every 3 weeks for work so posting daily for me wouldn't be an option. I try to set one day aside at the weekend to take photos for my blog then do posts when I have a spare half an hour/hour during the week as then I already have the pictures ready. I am very much an amateur and of course it's my real job that helps pay the bills! (And allow me to buy more make up!!)

The best thing I have done recently is start using a notebook-I have been using it to jot down hauls and ideas for posts and a post 'schedule' so I know what is going on my blog that week.

Also, I have found the blogging community to be generally very supportive and I try to show my support by commenting regularly on others posts-I know how happy I am when someone takes the time to comment on mine." Stacey, Expatmake-upaddict.blogspot.com 

"Never feel pressured to get the latest hyped up blogger product and be true to what you write. Write what you want to write about and not what you think people would like to read. "

"I think the most important thing to remember is to type out your posts as if you were having a conversation with someone, rather than trying to stick with all of the beauty lingo and keeping it too formal. There's nothing I love more than a beauty post with the odd witty comment or a lost train of thought, it makes them so much more relatable!" Molly, molliemuses.blogspot.co.uk

"I agree with everything so far. My big tip is to have decent photos. I quickly stop reading a post if the pictures are totally crap eg too small or blurry. You don't need a dead expensive camera, just practice using the different camera functions such as close up to get a really good shot of your new lipstick . I edit mine on ipiccy to add vibrancy etc and don't forget to add your blog name so no cheeky bloggers can steal your work. Save the photo to your computer as " MAC lipstick Ruby Woo blog review " or similar so it will be more searchable and get your more hits. Finally if you run out of photo space on Blogger you can use free image hosting websites such as image shack and post the direct link into your post." Jessica, Ohsogawjess.blogspot

"Always write about the sort of things that interest you- in the beginning you may be the only person reading it so make sure it's something that you'd want to read. don't try and write what you think people will be interested in. Be true to what you're all about and the followers will come! keep it real guys!" Jods, spotsandsparkles.blogspot.co.uk

"Don't let anything put you off! You may think you don't know that much but that's how it all starts! You'll meet new bloggers, get to know their work, get inspired by them and that will reflect in your own work! You'll have much more knowledge and experience and, sooner than you know, you'll be an expert and you'll feel super comfortable doing and writing about what you love!" Raquel, www.luxuriouskin.net

"Don't be afraid to change your mind on the topic/genre you blog about. Just because you start as a fashion blogger doesn't mean you can't end up (via several other topics) as a food blogger.
And please, please, please, don't use humongous pictures in your posts (even if you resize them to fit your layout after uploading, you're not changing the file size), people (like me) in a broadband black spot cannot take the time to wait 10 minutes for your photos to load no matter how gorgeously photographed and styled they are. Something around 1500 wide or tall is plenty large enough to see detail without going overboard." Tor, www.girlmeetswolf.co.uk

"My top advice would be to write about your passion(s), not what you think might be popular. If you have a real love for what you're writing it shines through and makes people want to listen to what you have to say. Much like a 'job' if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life." Sue, cherrysuedointhedo.com

"My advice to beauty bloggers is: Imagine you are in a room with a group of your closest friends, describing a new product you've tried, explaining what you think they need to know & sharing your enthusiasm from the heart. Now write it all down - and you have a great blog post with your own personal stamp on it!" Nic, strawberryblondebeauty.com

If you have anything at all to add do feel free to let me know in the comments.

Image is from weheartit.com