Gelish Nails

I’m really excited to be over at The Sunday Girl guest blogging today! I adore Adrienne’s blog and I’m sure, like many of you, rely on it for reviews and ideas for what to add to my already extensive wishlist.

Today I wanted to chat about Gelish nails because with the appearance of a lot more pop up nail bars and cheaper deals, more and more people seem to be keen to get their nails done these days, which is never a bad thing in my opinion! Gelish uses Gel (surprise surprise) base coat, nail polish and top coat to give your a beautifully glossy manicure that is meant to last 2-3 weeks. Better still, if you have a talented artist like I do (my nails are done by Vicki at ( can get all sort of fun prints and patterns added to your nails!

I got the above design done before I went to Florida and I loved it! With Gelish, bright colours are never off limits because they hold up so well to the rigors of daily life! For my accent nail I had it painted white and then had a gold flower pattern over the top. Ahh the possibilities! This was bright and fun and made me smile every time I looked at my nails.

Gelish Nails

This was a much more adventurous design for both me and Vicki and it was super fun to do! I've wanted to try Galaxy nails for ages and was so pleased with the way these turned out. Vicki did a base coat of black and then we used sponges to dab on some blue, pink and green. Over that we added glitter for some heavenly dust, and then we dotted on some white for stars in the sky! I love experimenting and I got a lot of love from people for this design.

Gelish is meant to last 2-3 weeks, but for me it unfortunately only lasted about a week and a half each time before chips started to come in which I was quite sad about. It can be expensive to have done so I’m just going to save it for special occasions. Until then I’m just going to have to be content with sticking ideas to my pinterest board!

Thank you so much Rachel, do be sure to check out her blog here - link