Monday, July 29, 2013

A Little Thank You!

While I was away on holiday I was so very lucky to have a good few guest posters so that I could leave the laptop and beauty products at home. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the writers for the amazing quality of the posts, I personally found them to be a great read especially when stuck in a stuffy airport lounge for 8 hours. So thank you again ladies you have been utterly amazing and I really hope that someday soon we can work together again.

If you missed any of the posts or simply want to follow the bloggers here is all the info:

If pink lipsticks are your thing Shona has a shade for every taste and budget, see the shades in action here - link

Looking to get your Summer beauty fix for under £10? Well Gemma has you covered, read the post here - link

Lily has your back with an in-depth guide to purchasing Indie Cosmetics here - link

We have some rather pretty gelish nail designs and a great review about the process from Rachel here - link

Curious about Asian beauty products? Well Faye has a great post all about the subject here - link

Learn some nail basics and lots of tips with Stephanie's post - link 

A beautiful Asian make-up tutorial by Tanzina complete with a stunning Sari can be found here - link

Get more from your beauty essentials with Rebecca-Louise's multi purpose product suggestion post, you will be surprised at how far so products can go! Read it here - link.

Like I said above the quality truly was astounding and I am now considering having some regular contributors, please let me know if you think that is a good idea or not! Thank you again to all that not only contributed but who took the time to read and comment on the above posts.
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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to guest post on one of my favorite blogs :)
    Gemma | GemSeren

    1. I second this! :) Would love to post for you again in the future! Hope you had a great holiday! xxx

  2. Absolutely loved all the posts! x

  3. Thanks for having us all :) It was awesome to be able to write for you, hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  4. Happy to hear from you again, lovely!!
    Hope you have enjoyed a lot on your trip :)
    Lots of kisses!!!

  5. Thanks sweetie! Loved Guest Posting :)


  6. Loved the guest posts and will definitely check out the blogs....but I'm also glad you're back ; )

  7. Welcome back. xx

  8. Great posts!

  9. Think this is such a good idea! You can go on holiday and relax, and other people can have the chance to been seem by different people :) really lovely idea!!

    Katie xx

  10. Hope you had a good holiday, loved your idea of guest posters while you were away! Lovely thing to do and very trusting, love your blog & am following you on bloglovin', can't wait to read more from you and your guest posters in the future!

    Caitlin xo


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