I'm afraid this weeks choices are fairly basic and not all that exciting but hey why fix something that isn't broken? 

My lips are still in a dire state and I have no idea what I am allergic to. Nothing and I mean nothing seems to be clearing up the allergy and I honestly think I will have to go to the doctors for chapped lips haha! Crazy I know but three weeks of chapped lips is insane isn't it? The only product that seems to be adding a little comfort is Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream...wouldn't it be ironic if it turns out that this is what I am allergic to!

This week has been all about the eyes and although Chanel Ebouli looks a little odd in the pan I can promise you that there is not an eye colour or skin tone that this shade doesn't work fabulously along side. I tend to wear it sheer with a flick of Eyeko's Skinny Liquid Liner which might be the easiest eyeliner ever to use! I have also re-discovered the greatness that is Tweezerman's eyelash curlers and I've bought another tube of Benefit's Fake- Up Concealer. I have now went through two tubes of Benefit's Fake-Up Concealer for my undereye area and would deem it one of the best I have used, I only wish the coverage was a little smidgen higher!

Speaking of Benefit all week long I have been enjoying the light golden glow that Benefit Sun Beam delivers so well. Blended along the cheekbones with a bronzer and/or a coral blush and you have a fuss free sunkissed glow that looks natural. Benefit Sun Beam is one of if not the best golden liquid highlighter I have tested over the years.

I have been going through a matchy matchy phase in which I have been painting both my finger and toe nails the same shade. As some will know I love nothing more than a pretty cornflower blue nail polish and one of the best that I found in many aspects - price, formula and shade is Bourjois So Lacque Glossy in Adora-Bleu. Two coats and you have glossy baby blue nails to go, I do wish Bourjois did neon polishes though!

What products have you been reaching for this week?

Random Fact - In the nineteenth century many people used earwax as a remedy for chapped lips. Nope I'll never be that desperate.