Holiday Make-Up Treats

As of yesterday I have put myself of a strict spending ban as it is now just four weeks until I jet off to the states and I want as much spending money as humanly possible. However I do have a little shopping list of products I would like to purchase either in duty free or once I touch down.

1, I am obsessed with Chanel's Illusion D'ombre Eye Shadow's and a few new shades have launched for summer 2013. The deep bronze hue of Chanel Abstraction is calling me, I think smudged on with lots of black mascara this would give a great bronze smokey type eye. I really hope this shade is avalibale in duty free as I have kept aside cash just for it, over keen that is me.

2, It has only been very recently that I have been bitten by the Laura Mercier bug but let me tell you it is infectious and so far everything that I have tested from the Laura Mercier brand has been nothing short of amazing. Topping my current wish list is Laura Mercier's Bronzing Duo in Coral Bronze, I really think the two shades will give a beautiful bronze yet healthy glow. I have seen this on the Sephora website so here's hoping I can track it down in Orlando.

3, I'm trying to convince myself that I have to convert over to a lighter base for the summer and so far the only product that I am intrigued by is NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. I'm not entirely sold so do let me know how you rate this foundation and if it has irritated your skin.

4, I warn you now that I am obsessed with not only coral blush products but also NARS so I actually have two NARS cheek products on my radar at the moment. First up we have NARS Multiple in Puerto Vallarta which is a light golden peach and I really do think it will complement a tan not to mention this is such an easy product to slick on when in a hurry. Gah it is taking all my self control not to just click buy at the moment, this is the product I crave the most!

5, The second NARS blush type product that my heart lusts after is Pierre Hardy for NARS Rotonde blush. Not only is it a work of art masquerading as a blush but the coral shade is right up my alley. I've seen plenty of swatches of this particular blush and have to say that the colour is divine.

6, It really is as simple as this I adore the Kure Bazarre formula and bright cobalt nails will be a reoccurring theme for me all summer long so I can totally justify the purchase of in Mon Bleu right?

7, Yesterday my friend was wearing Jo Malone Sweet Lemon cologne at despite not being the biggest fan of citrus scents I have to say it was gorgeous - sweet yet not tart and totally summer ready. It's one of those 
fragrances I can imagine spritzing on all summer long and never growing tired of it.

8, I will say that I do think close to £50 for a bronzer is a little extreme so here hoping I can find the Guerlain 
Terracotta 4 Seasons bronzer in Nude is available in Sephora or the likes as it is such a great all round face palette. Four pans of colour that can be used as a blush, bronzer or highlighter but yeah we'll see haha!

What are you currently lusting after?