It has been such lovely weather here in Scotland recently and I have noticed that my make-up choices have reflected that, subconsciously I have been switching over to lighter formulas and reaching for products that give a warm beach babe glow (I wish).

With sunshine comes oily skin well in my case anyway so I have found myself using Clarins Instant Smooth Primer a little more often than usual. This is the one primer that I own that not only hides pores but also leaves my skin matte verging on air brushed and keeps make-up in place a whole lot longer than should I skip primer. Oh how I wish I had perfect skin, ah well fake it until you make it! 
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As I am a sun worshiper I have been skipping the self tan and lying out to bronze my skin a little with SPF of course but annoyingly my regular foundation is a little too light now so instead of purchasing a new bottle I have been mixing a few drops of Bourjois Bronzing BB Cream into my foundation to add a little warmth. I'm hoping that with all the facials I have been having recently that I will be able to wear this on it's own soon instead of foundation but that is more than likely wishful thinking.
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In my opinion summer and coral beauty products go hand in hand - truth be told I wear coral all year round but that really is irrelevant haha! At the moment I can not get enough of MAC's Honey Jasmine Satin Blush, this light almost orange coral blush adds a light flush of colour to my cheeks without looking over the top or heavy. It doesn't hurt that this shade works well with a tanned complexion and doesn't highlight my enlarged pores either.
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I'm not one for lip glosses but as my lips have been rather chapped with nothing and I mean nothing making any difference I have decided to skip lipsticks for the time being. As I don't like having nothing at all on my lips I have been reaching for Laura Mercier's Lip Glace in Bon Bon which is bright warm coral that again is complimentary to tanned skin. I may not be the biggest lip gloss advocate but I do recommend Laura Mercier's Lip Glace's as they offer sheer hydrating colour that is not sticky in the slightest.

When the sun is out the last thing you want or need is a sticky fragrance so that is why I have been spraying on Escada's Cherry in the Air most days. This light but fruity scent is perfect for a warm day and has grown to be a personal favourite of mine.
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Random Fact -  A group of giraffes is called a tower.