As much as I love the sunshine I am never too thrilled with my deepening skin tone and the inevitable purchase of a few foundations deeper than my usual skin tone. Not only is it annoying but it can be pricey so for that reason alone the new Bourjois BB Cream was always going to intrigue me.
Initially I did deem Bourjois BB Bronzing 8-in-1 Cream a fad but let me tell you it is a summer must have if you are a fan of tanning real or faux!

Bourjois BB Bronzing 8-in-1 Cream is a medium bronze that can be used as a typical BB Cream to offer light coverage and a radiant finish but given the shade only a select few will be able to use it in such manner.
You can also use it as a liquid bronzer to add a little warmth to the skin and to fake a radiant sun kissed glow or you can do what I do and mix a few drops into your current foundation to deepen the shade without compromising on texture or finish for that matter.

I have read a few reviews now and it does seem that a few disagree with the universal shade with some deeming it to be deep. Obviously not having fair skin I can't really wade in but to Bourjois's credit I have found that if you blend the BB Cream out it does fade to a lighter hue that should be suitable for most skin tones to warm up the skin somewhat.

For those wondering here are the 8 claims:
- Evens skin tone
- Sheer tint
- Boosts radiance
- 16-hour moisturisation
- Smoothes skin
- Prolongs tan
- SPF 15
- Refreshing sensation, light easy to blend formula and an addictive chocolate scent.

On the whole I utterly agree and want to point out that the scent is utterly divine - like a Terry's Chocolate Orange crossed with a day spent at the beach, a weird combination I'll give you that but it works.
The only element I can't comment on either way is the prolonging a tan but I guess any bronzer helps in that aspect so I don't think Bourjois are stretching the truth here in the slightest.

At the moment I am not quite tanned enough nor confident to wear this as a stand alone BB Cream but for the sake of reviewing of purposes I have tried the Bourjois BB Bronzing 8-in-1 Cream as an all over base. On the skin it does feel light and offers minimal coverage, essentially all this will do as a base is even out the skin tone and add a dewy finish to the skin which does look completely natural but due to the finish I have found that on my oily skin type it does need set with powder. In this instance I prefer it as a bronzing medium to add to foundation but perhaps if I gain a little more colour and confidence in my skin this will become my go to base,who knows? One thing that is for sure it is a clever addition to the already groaning stacks of BB Creams and a wonderful all round bronzing product.

Bourjois BB Bronzing 8-in-1 Cream* £6.99/30ml via Boots - link
-* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

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