This One Gives You Showbiz Shine

A pretty nifty title for a shine spray wouldn't you agree?

I don't often purchase shine spray's as more often than not they leave my hair feeling sticky, looking greasy and generally just feeling weighed down - far from what I was hoping to achieve.
In the past few weeks my hair has been looking rather dull and tired for no apparent reason so in the hope of  sprucing up my hair I have been spritizing it with This One Gives You Showbiz Shine, Shine Spray after styling.

I warn you now this does not smell particularly wonderful - it reminds me of cheap hair spray but what it lacks in scent it more than makes up for in shine. To use I tend to spray on a hair brush and then comb through for even and a finer distribution of product. I have found that on my dull hair this gives a light sheen quality and also helps to tame static hair. Not only does This One Gives You Showbiz Shine add a glossy finish to the hair without being heavy or sticky but it is laden full of hair care properties including Moroccan Argan Oil and a UV Filter to nourish, protect and prevent the sun from stripping colour from the hair. Even if you don't want to add a glossy finish to your hair after styling a quick burst of this over the hair before going to the beach will help protect your locks and keep your hair colour looking fresher for longer.

Not bad for £3.99 is it!

This One Gives You Showbiz Shine - Shine Mist £3.99 via Superdrug - link

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