Neom Serenity Candle

What can I say I have a huge candle weakness!
With a family member having asthma currently staying over Neom candles are all that I can currently burn as they are free from harmful pollutants, toxins or soot and basically burn clean. 

At the moment I am currently enjoying Neom's Serenity scent which is a light but clean fragrance which includes Vanilla and Sandalwood. If like myself you tend to burn candles in the evening and like dreamy scents without going down the lavender root this is a scent I recommend. Neom Serenity is clean yet creamy and dreamy at the same time. A few deep breathes of this light scent and you will instantly releax...just don't nod off with a lit candle now!

I'd only be kidding myself if I said Neom candles are cheap or budget friendly for that matter, with the smallest size (travel sized, one wick) retailing for £15 they are best kept for a little indulgent treat here and there. Samples aside I have bought two travel sized candles over the last year as a reward for loosing a certain amount of weight, as you can probably guess by the frequency of my Neom gifts the diet doesn't go always go all that well.

Jokes aside I do recommend going for the smallest size before splashing out on the largest size of the Neom Candle selection, the small travel candles still pack a might scent punch but are a little lighter on the wallet and give you the chance to see if you enjoy said scent or not.

Neom Serenity Travel Candle £15 via Neom - link

Random Fact - Sandalwood is the name of a class of fragrant woods from trees in the genus Santalum.