Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute

Products claim to be multi-use all the time but I often find that to be an over exaggeration and that most are better suited to one purpose...well until I tried Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute.

Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute is a multi-purpose oil that is 98% constructed from natural oils, no fillers or anything artificial other than the fragrance - which to my nose is almost fruity. It contains Amazonian Buriti oil which is rich in carotene (this is what makes carrots orange ) and is often used in tanning products to help create a prolonged tan but it can absorb UVA rays and trap free radicals which are responsible for damaging the skin. Another ingredient in this oil Pomegranate Seed Oil which is renowned for its anti-oxidant properties and active cell renewal, this in turn improves the skin elasticity level and can encourage the skin to repair itself. One of the star ingredients has to be Mongongo Oil if your skin or hair is craving moisture this is what to look for as it is rich in vitamin E (a great anti-ageing ingredient that can help promote the restructure of collegen) and really helps to hydrate the skin or hair. I think it is safe to say you won't find a product like it on the high street that is for sure.

As mentioned above you can use the Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute Oil on both the hair and body but  my preference is on the hair that is not say it doesn't hydrate the skin wonderfully because it does and despite being an oil it leaves no sticky residue behind and you can also massage it into the nail beds to soften cuticles and promote nail growth. However as a hair treatment this oil knows no bounds - you can apply it to dry hair to smooth and tame frizz and/or stray hairs or simply to add a light sheen, you can apply it to wet freshly washed hair to give a sleeker blow dry with added protection against heat, you can use it on wet or dry hair at the beach to protect the hair from the sun, sand, salt or chlorine or you can use it like I do as a super hydrating pre-shampoo treatment. Yep nothing on my bathroom shelf offers as much diversity as this bottle of golden oil.

On the hair a little goes a long, long way particularly if you are using it on dry hair, luckily as the oil is dispensed via a spray it is a little easier to control just how much you apply. My tip is to spray on to the hands and then run from the hair that way you won't ever over apply by accident - unless it is at the beach, in the case I recommend applying more than usual. It really doesn't matter how you decide to use the oil on the hair the end result tends to be softer, more manageable hair that looks healthier, feels silken and hair is not weighed down nor is it left looking greasy or feeling sticky for that matter. If you feel like your hair has seen better days and/or is looking damaged I can't recommend trying out Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute enough.

Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute* I can not find this online within the UK anywhere. I was told it would be stocked in Harrods but online that doesn't seem to be the case. You can however purchase it direct from Leonor Greyl for 47€/95ml  - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

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