Chloe Roses De Chloe EDP

I like rose scents as much as the next guy but I do find it really lazy of perfume houses to go down the rose route. It seems the done thing is to simply create a rose spin off of any best selling fragrance and as a result the perfume stands all reek of powder rose additions and everything starts to smell samey!
Nope not for me, either offer me a brand new version of my favourite scent or leave well alone.
I feel a few pounds lighter after venting so much...

Much to my dismay there will be another rose based scent coming our way this summer and this time around it seems that Chloe will be getting the rose treatment.

Chloe Roses De Chloe is said to be inspired by Parisian rose gardens and feature the Damask Rose combined with white musk, bergamont and amber. As pretty and delicate as the fragrance sounds and kudos to Chloe for adding other notes rather than plain rose I do worry that result will be another powdery rose fragrance.

What to do you think?

Top notes: bergamot
Heart notes: damask rose, magnolia
Base notes: white musk, amber

Random Fact - Rabbits are incapable of vomiting.