Benefit Brow Bar John Lewis Edinburgh

Before I begin to get into the nitty gritty of what visiting your local Benefit Brown bar in the quest of Bene Brows entails I want to point out that I naturally have rather thin brows so if you have enviably fuller brows than mine please do not worry or be put off, the girls at your local Benefit counter will shape them to suit not only your face but also your taste. I do wish I have more brows to play around with and have even tried brow growth treatments alas some of were just meant to have thin eyebrows!

Benefit Brow Bar John Lewis Edinburgh
Benefit Brow Bar John Lewis Edinburgh

Yesterday myself and Lori trotted along to John Lewis in Edinburgh to tame our unruly brows, I had let mine grow out well and truly as I wanted a re-shape, having almost hooded eyes I rely on a high arch to give the illusion of wider and more awake eyes. 

When you first arrive at your local Benefit Brow Bar your consultant (mine was called Lauren and she is an utter perfectionist, if you are from Edinburgh I can not recommend Lauren enough!) will map out your brows and tell you what shape he or she feels would be best for you. You can of course chime in with your expectations and what you do and don't like. 

Next your brows will be tinted again your consultant will mix a custom shade for you - mine is a mix of light and medium brown dyes as my hair is in-between blonde and brown at the moment. That is left on the brows to developed for a few minutes and then wiped away, then comes the waxing which you do feel but it is 100% bearable, it is over and done within seconds and in my experience once the waxing is done that is all the discomfort you will feel as your waxer will apply aloe vera gel afterwards to prevent redness or swelling for that matter. You may find that after you have been waxed a few stray hairs need plucked but again it is all over in a flash and you know the saying no pain, no gain! If there is some redness your consultant will hide the signs with concealer before filling in your brows and sending you on your merry way.

I think it is pretty telling that I only trust Benefit Brow Bars with my eyebrows and have yet to trial any other service and that includes HD Brows. For £18 I get exactly what my brows need all within a comfortable environment so it goes without saying I recommend the Bene Brow experience highly!

To find your nearest brow bar click here - link

Disclaimer - I paid for the above treatment myself and I have no explanation to why the photos are black and white, I used my iPhone to take them and the have came out in black and white...most odd!

Random Fact - The longest eyebrow hair belongs to Toshie Kawakami (Japan) and was 15.1 cm (5.94 in)