I've been calling this week my "Red" week no I'm not having womanly problems nor am I having a Taylor Swift moment but merely digging all beauty products of a red hue. Red is timeless, classy and the one shade that can make you feel so much more confident in a heart beat.

I'm sure you are all about as fed up pf hearing about MAC RiRi Woo lipstick as you are about Rihanna and Chris Brown's on again off again relationship but my goodness it is a beautiful red lip shade. Yes it is eerily similar to MAC's Ruby Woo but somehow I do find it slightly easier to wear, this is most likely my subconscious attempting to justify yet another red lipstick. Sadly this shade sold out almost instantly but fear not MAC Ruby Woo is permanent and MAC RiRi Woo will be re-launched this coming June.
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I for one love matching my lipstick to my nails and my current favourite red nail choice has to be Rimmel Salon Pro in Hip Hop which is one of the shades the brand collaborated with Kate Moss on. No it isn't a perfect match for RiRi Woo or Ruby Woo for that matter but it is a glorious slightly Orange based red that looks great on both the hands and feet. If you are after a great budget but brilliantly formulated staple red look no further.
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If you haven't tried out Benefit Coralista Blush* yet pinch yourself, pinch yourself hard because it is the most beautiful coral blush that not only adds a fresh coral flush to the cheeks but also gives a light flurry of radiance to the skin too. Your cheeks need this for the summer trust me.
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Speaking of summer no make-up bag should be without at least one of the new Boots No7 BB Lips (sorry but the name still irks me...ugh gimmicky or what). I initially bought two - the coral and nude shade and had to go back for the light pink. Basically they are perfect for a quick and light hint of glossy colour on the lips all the while offering both hydration and SPF protection. At £8.50 each they are relatively cheap but make sure you do pick yours up when the Boots No& vouchers are about (i.e now) so you get them for £5.50 each!
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After a good few weeks of various meds due to my silly wisdom teeth my skin is utterly rubbish and a little sallow looking so I have been relying on Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Lotion for the Face and Decollege a little more than usual. This light and non-oily facial tanner adds a light tanning effect to the face as well as leaving the skin tone a little more even with a glow.
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My hands are a little dry at the moment no idea why as I hardly work in a hard labor sector but hey ho so I have been carrying around Nip + Fab 's Pistachio Sundae Dry Skin Fix Body Butter* which not only smells delicious but is a great hand cream for dry hands.
You can buy Nip + Fab 's Pistachio Sundae Dry Skin Fix Body Butter via Boots - link.

Back to the theme of red and the scent I have found myself reaching for is Marc Jacobs Dot*. No don't get me wrong the bottle is utterly adorable but ridiculously impractical at the same time. However the light fruity scent more than makes up for the annoying lid and I can not wait to try out Marc Jacobs Honey when it launches...here's hoping the lid is a little smaller this time around.
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Is it normal to be obsessed with make-up bags? Probably not but I am and for day to day use I have been filling up my Candy Store Cosmetic Pouch* to the brim. Unlike other make-up bags this is made of silicone so it has a lot more give and stretch than a typical fabric make-up bag. I love the mesh of new and mordern fabrics with the classic lady like design, that and it is practically impossible to over fill it ha! I am dying to pick up one of their new mini pouches complete with ear phones.
You can buy Candy Store Cosmetic Pouches here - link

Disclaimer - * indicates PR Samples sent for consideration of review.

Random Fact - The "lady" in ladybug refers to the Virgin Mary.