The Forgotten Favourites

The beauty industry is fast paced with numerous launches daily so much so that I don't think I could sit down and tally up just how many new products are carted out promising up the world each month.
To top things us beauty bloggers are a fickle bunch what we love one month is old fodder a few weeks later.

Take for instance Collection's Lip Puffs there was a time that every blogger and their dog was harping on about how wonderful these little matte lip creams are and they really are, not to mention so well priced at £2.99 each. A comfortable matte lip cream that wears well is hard to find let alone from a budget brand so I for one will not be allowing this product to become a forgotten beauty treasure.

Another product that was once the creme de la creme of the beauty world was Dr Jart + BB Creams but now it seems CC Creams and all other weird and wonderful skin bases have come along and knocked this truly amazing formula off the beauty radar. Personally I still rate Dr Jart's + BB Creams above all the others and often refer to it as my lazy skin savior as it brightens, covers all the while being lighter than my typical foundation. Like I said if it's a BB Cream you are after this is the one I rate above all others.

There was a day when everyone that self tanned and I mean everyone relied on good ol' St.Tropez but along came brands such as Xen Tan and probably St.Tropez's biggest streak on the fake tan map - St.Mortiz.
Not only does St.Mortiz have a similar name, bottle and formula but it is marginally cheaper with a bottle of their self tanning mousse setting you back £2.99 if you shop around. However I have to say nothing gives me a natural glow quite like St.Tropez and for that reason I have stayed loyal, with the odd dalliance with other brands on the side. Hey we are all slightly beauty slutty, I'm just the first to admit it haha!

Perhaps the biggest casualty well as far as I'm concerned is the original Naked palette which is arguably the best particularly if like myself you prefer a warm neutral shade over the cool tones of taupe that feature so strongly in the second offering in the Naked dynasty. Now I adore Urban Decay they do the most amazing eyeshadow formulas and their setting sprays are unbetable but this whole Naked saga has got out of control. I've lost count of how many products have the Naked logo slapped across them and as a result the few good additions (in my opinion) get forgotten about and collect dust in a beauty basket somewhere.

Crackle polishes remember those....yeah not even going there.

My predictions for casualties of 2013 Rimmel Apocalips as amazing as they are the sizzle has already began to fade and by this time next year unless new shades are launched they will be left behind.

What do you think?