Invogue Feather Nail Polishes

I may have just shared a sneak peek of the New Barry M Confetti nail polishes which are very like Nails Inc Feather polishes, the bad news is that they don't launch until early June but if you are looking for a good dupe to tide you over until then Superdrug have the answer with a £3.49 offering.

Now I must stress I have not tested out any Invogue nail polish offering for myself but I figure it is only nail polish how wrong can you go and at £3.49 for a feather effect nail polish I doubt it will be long until reviews begin to pop up online. Anyway before I digress Invogue have four feather effect nail polishes which are available now via Superdrug all of which look like out right dupes of the Nails Inc Feather nail polishes.

The four shades are:
Sunset - A peachy concotion that is a dead ringer for Nails Inc York.
Parakeet - The candy toned multi coloured offering that is a dupe for Nails Inc Chester.
Feather On the Money - A mix of green and yellow shards that resembles Nails Inc Brighton.
Jaye Bird - Blue and white tones that make it a great match for Nails Inc Cornwall.

So of you want a cheap and cheerful feather fix without waiting until June it seems that Invouge polishes are the way forward. 

Invogue Feather Nail Polishes £3.49 each via Superdrug - link
However including postage your best bet for the Invogoe polishes is actually oh beauty - link

Random Fact - There are 9,865 species of birds alive today, according to the IUCN.