Lord above the beauty world sure does move fast doesn't it?
I mean I haven't even put my winter coat into storage from the winter we have just escaped and already the Autumn/Winter collections have began popping up here and there to tease us all.
While most of us are day dreaming about lounging by the pool OPI have been hard at work creating this years Autumn/Winter shades - OPI San Francisco Collection.

A-Piers To Be Tan - I shore do like this chocolaty tan.
Dining Al Frisco - Just feast your eyes on this fresh air blue.
Haven’t The Foggiest - Can’t tell you why I love this misty gray….I just do.
Peace & Love & OPI - This holographic sage and eggplant is far out!
Keeping Suzi At Bay - There’s no holding back this assertive navy blue.
Incognito In Sausalito - You better keep this almost black blue under wraps.
Lost On Lombard - Oh garn-el! I’m all turned around.
I knead Sour-Dough - Are you bready to wear this toasty warm brown?
Muir Muri On The Wall - This trailblazing plum is the fairest of them all.
In The Cable Car-Pool Lane - Good golly miss trolley this rich burgundy takes me away.
Embarca-Dare Ya! - Betcha can’t pass up this marvelous magenta.
First Date At The Golden Gate - You and me and this shimmery ruby make three.
It’s All San Andreas’s Fault (Liquid Sand Shade) - I’d move mountains to get this textured earthy taupe!
Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! (Liquid Sand Shade) - Dog-gone it…fetch me that textured matte blue.
Alcatraz…Rocks! (Liquid Sand Shade) - There’s no escaping this arresting textured gray.

On the whole it seems a nice enough range of shades which are very fitting for the cooler months but I do wish OPI would stop trying to force the liquid sand shades on us, stop trying to make it happen...it's like Mean Girls and So Fetch all over again. 
"Shut up, Gretchen. Stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen."

OPI San Francisco Collection is set to launch here in the UK this coming September, August if you are stateside.

Random Fact - San Francisco was originally called Yearba Buena, a Spanish name meaning “good herb” or “good grass.”