1, You have one good hand which is for nail polish swatches, you curse the day that any one of those five nails snap.

2, No matter how big or crazy your make-up stash may be someone on Youtube will put you to shame and settle your conscience at the same time.

3, It's okay to have at least five lipsticks at the bottom of your bag.

4, It's also more than okay to count down the days to a certain make-up collection launches.

5, MAC launch day will be spent re-freshing the page and using every trick in the book to ensure you get your purchases before they sell out!

6, If your inner arm isn't stained with products those near and dear to you will ask with concern in their voices if you are okay.

7, Certain beauty bloggers and Youtubers could sell Ice to the Eskimos.

8, A hyped up product will have you raiding each and every shop that stocks said product until you get it. A few sales assistants may get major bitch face when they say sorry it is out of stock...sorry in advance.

9, You must learn lady maths - the art of justifying any beauty purchase in any and I mean any circumstance.

10, Asterisk's* have quickly become your best friend.

11, You own a cat.

12, Trips abroad are now used to score products you can not get locally or in my case the UK.

13, Photographing a used product is a topic of pain.

14, You have a to review/feature box...which grows each day.

15. #bbloggers

16, This was meant to be tongue in cheek but the truth is I am guilty of every single point mentioned and so many more...oops!

Image belongs to Karen at MakeUp and Beauty Blog, she's my favourite blogger ever please check her out here - link that and Tabs is a legend among cats.

Random Fact - There are 31% more bloggers today than there were three years ago.