I don't tend to write about perfume samples as I don't really think it makes for a good review - call me fickle (chorus of fickle chants) but I prefer having a pretty bottle of said scent than a little dinky vial.
However perfume is pricey and not something any of us should blind buy and that is where samples do indeed come in handy.

Today I'm breaking my own rules (naughty I know) and sharing some rather wonderful fragrance vials from Bahoma a fragrance company I have only come to get to know in the recent weeks but so far so good.
What I like most is that Bahoma offer beautiful and I mean truly beautiful home scents that contain Citronella which as mist will know is great for keeping the bugs or as they are locally known midges away.
However more on those at a later day and let's crack on with some mini fragrance reviews!

Bahoma Eau de Mer - A light aquatic scent that seems so fitting on a sunny day like this. Very much a unisex fragrance with notes of Jasmin, Lily Valley and juicy citrus notes. If you enjoy calming scents this is the one I would suggest and is top of my list to purchase in candle form. Look at the Royal Candle and prepare to swoon - link.

Bahoma Rose Mist - This to my nose smells identical to Diptyque Roses scented candle. Best summed up it is your typical ever so slightly powdery rose scent.

Bahoma Lemon Sorbet - A bright lemon scent that is slightly floral. It is really unusual and in a way masculine. Notes include lemon, lime, bergamot and grapefruit combined with musk. One for the fruit fans out there.

Bahoma Java Citronella - Bright, fresh and very, very zesty. It essentially is a lemon scent and not one you'd want to wear but for keeping the bugs at bay you can't beat it.

Bahoma Apple Blossom - Imagine a more grown up version of DKNY's Be Delicious fragrance and you have this. A clean apple scent that is spiked with sandal wood.

Bahoma Le Jardin - A mature floral scent, not for me but if you enjoy floral fragrances you will certainly enjoy this. My friend adores this and has bought the candle so perhaps it's not that mature after all? Notes include lily, violet, rose and ylang ylang.

Bahoma Herb Garden - The only fragrance out of the line up that I actively dislike but then again I am very much a bright fruity floral kind of gal. Herb garden to me is the type of scent that I think gentlemen would enjoy as it is quite strong and earthy. Notes include wood, tomato stalk and musk.

Bahoma Ame des Indes - This is one of those fragrances that smells familiar but I can't quite put my finger on why? I think and say think it is similar to Elizabeth Arden Red Door but I could be wrong. It is quite strong and almost classic. Notes include patchouli oil, clove and smoke.

Bahoma Vanilla Parfait - A truly yummy warm and slightly sugary vanilla scent. One of my favourites.

All of the above scents are available in candles, home fragrance and more but I highly recommend checking out the Royal Candles they are beyond beautiful.
You can visit Bahoma here - link

- All vials were sent for reviewing purposes.