YSL Top Secrets All-In-One BB Cream Photo

I warned you that BB Creams are going no-where if anything more brands are jumping on the bandwagon with YSL launching their dubet BB Cream next month.

YSL Top Secrets All-In-One BB Cream will come in three shades: Light, Medium and Dark and will contain an SPF 20 that promises to match each individuals skin tone due to the colour adapt technology. It is also said to boast a light texture that in turn offers multiple benefits such as correcting imperfections, evening the skin tone, as well as being moisturising and radiance boosting. However that is not all YSL Top Secrets All-In-One BB Cream aims to protection against discolorations, imperfections and an irregular complexion. 

"Soft focus, light-reflecting nacres clarify and desaturate the complexion by eliminating the gray or olive tones of dull skin for an instant brightening effect and radiance; UV filters protect the skin against UVA/UVB rays and combat free radicals to preserve the skin’s natural radiance; while the hydrating skin-radiance complex contains Japanese lily of the valley bush extract known for its biological hydrating properties, vitamin C for its brightening action on the skin, and softening rose de mai extract"

Truthfully I am well and truly over BB Creams so far most have done diddly squat (ha!) for my skin and tend to be something I body swirve but I have to admit that the official scribe for the YSL version does sound rather promising and let's face it in the Summer lighter coverage is something most of us aim for.
I hate to admit it but I'm really contemplating picking up a bottle and putting it to the test as my skin is olive and without the aide of a faux tan it looks beyond sallow.

What are your thoughts? 
Promising or just another BB Cream to the already huge market of such lotions and potions?

YSL Top Secrets All-In-One BB Cream will be available nationwide from 1 May, 
YSL Top Secrets All-In-One BB Cream will be priced at £38 each.