ARK Plumping Lip Balm Photo

ARK Plumping Lip Balm Photo
ARK Plumping Lip Balm Photo

I never ever chose lip plumping products of any sort not because I think my lips are the bee's knees and need no help but they are pretty full and don't really need any help in that department.
That and I loathe, no hate the burnintingle sensation most lip products come hand in hand with.
However I have been trying out the ever raved and cult beauty product that is ARK Plumping Lip Balm.

Unlike other lip balms I have used in the past this comes packaged more like a skin care item, a small glass pump bottle that truthfully is a little on the large side and not something I would personally lug about on a daily basis. The other difference that sides this lip balm aside from others is that unlike most balms that are a balm this is a light, runny textured liquid that is akin to a body lotion or cleansing milk. The texture I do not have an issue with as it absorbs fairly quickly into the lips but the pump dispenser needs a little tweaking as it releases far too much product regardless of how lightly you push down.

ARK state that is balm has been designed to add moisture to the lips- even in adverse weather conditions, plump and reduce the signs of ageing such as surface fine lines and enhance lip contours.
As most will know i'm in my mid twenties so the signs of ageing haven't yet ravaged my lips so to claim that the ARK Lip Balm has repaired anything in this field would only be insulting.
I can however vouch that it does instantly hydrate the lips and leaves them feeling super soft without the need of scrub and I will say that it does plump the lips a little too with a light flush of red too.
However it is  arguably not at all worth money for someone in my position and better suited to someone a little older. I have passed it on to my grandmother who will undoubtedly update me with her process as time goes on and who knows we may just have Granny Sunday guest blog for us in the not so dim and distant future.

ARK Plumping Lip Balm* £26/15ml via Ark Skin Care - link

- *Product sent for consideration of review.