Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose Eau de Toliette Photo

Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we?
The original Davidoff Cool Water scent for women launched in 1996 which of course I was a little on the young side to be wearing said scent. Once I was around 12 it was the must have fragrance for all teeny boppers in the greater Glasgow area and it was top of my Christmas list. I can actually remember feeling uber cool on Christmas day when I finally got my first ever bottle of fragrance, I must have reeked of Cool Waters for the next six months or so...good times!

For that reason Cool Waters will always have a special place in my heart and the addition of the new Davidoff Cool Water spin off - Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose Eau de Toliette .

Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose Eau de Toliette is said to mark the love that some women have for the sea as well as encapsulating the freshness of the sea, spontaneity and purity of the water with notes that include delicate and juicy Japanese Nashi pear, light floral notes of pink peony,deepened by a base of musk.

I'm glad that Davidoff haven't taken the easy route out and simply produced a typical rose scent that is heavy on the rose water which was my initial worry given the scents moniker. Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose sounds fresh, fruity and perfect for warm, bright summer days...one can only live in hope.

No launch date as of yet but I would expect it to hit the counters around May.