Yonka Gurana Scrub Photo

Yonka Gurana Scrub Photo
Yonka Gurana Scrub Photo

Long time readers of this blog will know how I struggle with facial scrubs, some swear by daily exfoliation but frankly it's not for me and twice a week is more than enough for my skin type -
I do want to quickly stress by skin type I mean my face not all oily skins.
Well at last I have found the perfect scrub in Yonka Gurana Scrub which only needs to be used 2-3 times a week for maximum results...winner!

I absolutly adore Yonka Pamplemousse -review link and had nothing but high hopes for Yonka Gurana Scrub and luckily it hasn't let me down.
Yonka Gurana Scrub isn't your typical facial exfoliant it is in-fact a triple action instant radiance scrub which quickly goes to work to purifies, polish and invigorate the skin.

The scrub itself contains two different types and sizes of exfoliant beads : Guarana and organic brown rice micro beads to offer a scrub that not only exfoliates but also detoxify the skin.
The word detoxify can cause me to panic as it instantly makes me think of pimples and the dreaded purge effect some products can inflict upon my skin, I can safely say this did not happen. All this scrub did was gently but thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate my skin making it the perfect product to start and finish the week with. 

If like myself you wear a pretty heavy foundation this is ideal to use every now and then to really ensure that your skin is cleansed deep down without being too harsh or causing a break out. A great refreshing scrub that smells as natural as it feels and is my current to go to, oh and it does brighten the complexion.
What's not to like (we just won't look at the price tag eh)? Actually I can elaborate on what's not to like, the fact that Yonka isn't readily available in the UK.

Yonka Gurana Scrub* £28.80/50ml via Deep Beauty Spa - link