I received this way back when - the Birthday edition of a Joliebox earlier in the year to be exact
and I have relied on this moisturiser/treatment to see me through any troublesome skin periods since.
Normally skin care products within my sample boxes get used a few times and cast aside
for me to return to my regular, faithful lotions and potions but whenever my skin begins to play
up this is the moisturiser that I reach for without a moments hesitation.

"YonKa Pamplemousse Protective and Vitalizing Cream For Normal To Oily Skin is a day base restorative moisturiser that brightens sallow or dull skin types and protects from environmental aggressors.  Aromatic essences, humectants and emollients work synergistically to clarify, brighten, strengthen and tone the capillaries. Stimulates the skin's ability to repair itself. The epidermis is balanced with a smooth, velvety feeling. A clear, bright and fresh new complexion is moisturised to perfection with this radical lightweight formula. Phytocitrus complex delivers the right amount of essential moisture. Visibly reduces sallow tones and dull skin."

YonKa Pamplemousse is a light almost balm like moisturiser that I do prefer to use in the evenings
as it is quick thick in texture but not so much that it is overwhelming for oily skin types.
Pamplemousse has a light citrus scent that is tinged with a medicinal tone
but it is fairly pleasant and once you begin to use the moisturiser you'll forgive the fragrance
as the benefits are just so wonderful.

It is difficult to find a great all round moisturiser but that is exactly what YonKa Pamplemousse is,
it hydrates and soothes the skin, adds radiance that you will notice from the first application
and I do find it to be great in the fight against blemishes.
If I have a small or under the skin blemish brewing, I quickly apply a thin layer of this and by the time
the sun arises the problem area will either be gone completely or become rather unnoticeable.
Also over a prolonged period of time this does claim to help tighten and shrink pores,
as I haven't been using this to it's full potential and have still reaped the benefits I have faith that it will do just that, so I will be using this as my everyday moisturiser from now on and hopefully see a reduction
in the size of my pores...fingers crossed!

I really can't rate this moisturiser highly enough, my only compliant is that in the UK it is not the 
easiest to get a hold of but it is worth every penny, so much so that I've ordered another tube so I can
use it day and night for amazing skin...the winter is not kind on me nor my skin and a treat is needed,
least that is what i'm telling myself to justify the purchase haha!

YonKa Pamplemousse for Normal-Oily Skin 50ml/£35 via Joliebox - link