I'm rather annoyed with the Royal Mail, the utterly beautiful and truly kind Epiphanne went to all the trouble of picking me up Wet n Wild's Going into the Wild palette while in New York only for them to abuse it. Cheers lads, well remembered!
Don't be expecting a Christmas tip this year haha! Only kidding but it happens a little too frequently for my liking.

Joining my ever expanding Wet n Wild stash is Wet n Wild's Going into the Wild palette which is a break from the norm as not only does it contain a combination of both pretty pastels and wearable neutrals but it comes presented in a white and floral casing.
As a side note as you can probably tell Wet n Wild shadows tend to be very soft and are prone to shattering, which sadly the packaging does little to prevent. However Wet n Wild is very much a budget brand and sometimes you get what you pay for.

As mentioned Wet n Wild's Going into the Wild features a selection of pretty pastels such as aqua, lilac and gold but truthfully the majority of shades are neutral and fairly deep in tone.
Great for creating a dramatic smoky evening eye look, popping out to take care of some odd end's not so much.
What I do love about all the Wet n Wild palettes is that each shade is labelled with an intended or suggested use for that matter for ease of wear and use, you of course can apply the shades where you see fit as it is only a guide after all! By doing this Wet n Wild have taken the guess work out of creating a pretty look which some may well benefit from and I have to say that the majority of suggested combinations work rather well.

Sadly I have found the Wet n Wild's Going into the Wild to be a little disappointing as on the whole the shades are more powdery and in turn chalky than previous palettes I have tested out.
The satin shades which this palette does contain particularly so and very much lacking in colour pay off which is not a problem I have incurred in the past with Wet n Wild.
The metallic shades were also a little lack luster with weak pigmentation and oodles of product fall out.
Typically Wet n Wild eyeshadows wear for around 8 hours when primed on my lids but this palette all but disappeared on my arm within half an hour of testing which isn't all that promising.
I'm sad to say that in my opinion Wet n Wild's Going into the Wild is a complete and rare bust for the brand but hey given their price point you can't stay too mad at them.

As most will know sadly Wet n Wild is not a brand available within the UK but you can find most palette on eBay, just be prepared to pay an arm and a leg. With that in mind do remember that in the US etc the largest palettes retail for $4.99 so don't go too crazy with the bids!

Thanks again Epiphanne you are a star! If you don't already follow her lovely blog do it now ;)