Oh that time of the week has come when I get to share something truly indulgent and this week I have something rather spectacular if I don't say so myself.
Enter stage left Lola's Apothecary Bath and Body products, some of the most beautiful and natural products I have had the utter pleasure testing out.

The amazing owner Lola sent me an array of products to test out but I thought it was only fair to kick things off with the Luxury Bath products as who doesn't love a bath or a touch of luxe for that matter?

Encased within large (and re-usable may I add) jars nestles two very different but equally wonderful products. First up we have Lola's Apothecary Rose Chocolate Bath Milk which will turn any dip in the tub into a truly moisturising and out of the world scented experience. The Rose Chocolate Bath Milk contains Buttermilk and cocoa butter to soften and soothe the skin while the rose petals and chocolate scents fuse together to leave the skin scented with an usual but totally scrumptious fragrance. After all what woman doesn't love Roses and Chocolate?

For those that have trouble sleeping or relaxing for that matter may I recommend Lola's Apothecary Lavender Bath Salts. Now i'll be the first to admit that Lavender is not my favourite scent in the world particularly when it is artificial and powdery but luckily Lola's Apothecary uses 100% natural Lavender so the result is fresh and almost medicinal. Combine the base of Epsom Salts with the healing aroma of Lavender and you will have one of the best sleeps in a long while, not to mention the combination helps soothe and relax tired and aching muscles.

Every bathroom needs at least one jar!

Products Mentioned
Lola's Apothecary Rose Chocolate Bath Milk* 300ml/£25 -link
Lola's Apothecary Lavender Bath Salts* 300ml/£25 - link

-*products sent for consideration.