As some may be aware I have been testing out the Eucerin Even Brighter range over the last fortnight and decided that it was time to update and share how I have been getting on.

Quickly let me explain what Eucerin Even Brighter aims to do when used over a prolonged period of time.In brief Eucerin Even Brighter is a small range of three skin care products that when used together can help to not only reduce hyperpigmentation but also protect the skin against the elements and enhance it's natural radiance, which I'm sure is something we would all enjoy?
Personally I have set aside four weeks to trail the Eucerin Even Brighter range in the hope of a brighter and more radiant skin tone and if it helps fade the annoying freckle on my chin well that will be cause for celebration.

I have taken a before photo of my freckle so we can compare it come my last post but for now you will just have to make do with my word. At the moment I can't say I have noticed much of a change in my freckle but I have been applying Eucerin Even Brighter Spot Corrector twice a day so hopefully in another two weeks my hard work will pay off. However I can happily say that the additions of Eucerin Even Brighter Day and Night Creams into my routine has been pretty wonderful, gone is any little dry areas on my face which I have been blaming on the constant flow of central heating. Most impressively my skin is much brighter and seems to have lost it's dull winter cast. Truthfully even if my freckle sticks around I would continue to use the moisturisers from the Even Brighter range every now and then to help brighten my skin which is something most will know I struggle with. 

If you need a good moisturising duo to help prepare for the upcoming Summer season so you can have brighter and more radiant skin in the hope of perhaps going make-up free Eucerin Even Brighter Day and Night Cream are the way to go.

- This post is sponsored.