Last week I ordered some Clip-In Hair Extensions and was utterly jealous at how much more shiny the clip in hair is in comparison to my own! However the new hair extensions have given my the swift kick up the rectum to up my hair care ante and hopefully, just hopefully all my hard work will reward me with super soft, shiny hair...I did say hopefully!

In my opinion on the high street there is no better hair care brand than Aussie, if I have abused my hair with bleach, heat or a combination of both it is the one brand I know I can rely on without breaking the bank.
Like most I swear by their regular Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle but I have been trialing out the new Aussie Miracle Shine range.

The three piece collection comprises of a shampoo, conditioner and of course the ever spoken about 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. The Miracle Shine range has been designed to help add a little sparkle and of course shine to dry, dull and tired hair. Sound familiar? 
Please excuse my slightly beat up bottles but I have been using the products daily now which can only be a good thing given how fickle I am.

Basically I wash my hair twice with Aussie's Miracle Shine Shampoo - it doesn't matter what shampoo I use I will always lather up twice, does anyone else do this? Then I follow up with one of the two conditioners - most days it is the regular conditioner and roughly every second day I slather on the 3 Minute Miracle formula. I should state that I have long, damaged dry hair that is really thick so some may find using the 3 Minute Miracle formula more than once a week a little too heavy going. All I can say is that regardless of your hair type everyone should try out the wondrous 3 Minute Miracle at some point even if it is just to de-tangle sea water laden hair on holiday. A little tip concerning said conditioner is to apply on wet hair, wrap up in a towl or cling-film then leave for 30 minutes for an intensive hair mask treat.

Since using all three of the Aussie Miracle Shine Products my hair is ultimately a lot softer, easier to comb through but I'm still waiting on the shine element to kick in. Truthfully the lack of shine can't really be blamed on Aussie as the formula is perfection elsewhere it will be my damaged hair to blame and to think I booked in for another set of highlights in a matter of days...lord have mercy springs to mind.
Never mind that is what aforementioned hair extensions are made for...when in doubt hide the damage with someone else's hair!

Products Mentioned
Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo £4.49* via Superdrug - link
Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner £4.49 via Superdrug - link
Aussie Miracle Shine 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner £4.99* via Superdrug - link
All of the above are part of a two for £6.99 deal with Superdug at the moment.

*Product sent for consideration.