I'm not sure what came over me (late night shopping when you are suffering from insomnia will lead to impulse buys I guess?) but a few weeks ago I decided that ordering all five of the new and limited edition Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms. No big deal I'm sure a good few of my international readers are thinking, true if said product is only $4 not so true when in total you have spent close to £40 on lip balm.
I need my head checked and my bank card confiscated stat!

The five new and as mentioned limited edition shades are:
50 Twinkle - Palest of pinks, shimmer finish with a sweet/sugary strawberry scent
60 Melon Mania - Bright pink, glossy finish with the faintest of watermelon scents.
70 Coral Crush - Bright red/orange, glossy finish with a super sweet orange type scent.
80 Pink Wink - Milky pink shade with a sherbet type scent.
90 Yummy Plummy - Brown tinged plum shade, scent wise this is hard to place - it is slightly fruity but what it reminds me off is beyond me.

The honest truth is I'm not sure how I feel about the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm's sure the packaging is pretty damn cute and appeals to my inner child but truth be told I find them to be pretty bog standard as far as lip balms go.
When you first apply the Maybelline Baby Lips they are very akin to any other fairly moistursing lip balm of this style - think Nivea and the likes of ChapStick and you will have the generally idea.
Maybelline Baby Lips do indeed feel moisturising, non-drying nor do they have a heavy waxy like texture some of the budget lip balms of this spectrum tend to have.
Most of the shades do have a glossy finish which admittedly feels quite lovely on the lips and is a great way to achieve a light glossy lip without any of the tacky/sticky sensation some gloss products come hand in hand with.

And that my friends is where the praise ends, after a few hours of wear the balm tends to congeal and turns my lips into a dry, bizarre flaky mess with isn't actually the skin on my lips but the product.
Like I said bizarre and not at all what I expected from a product that promises softer, "baby soft lips".
I have read up on why this is happening and apparently it is all down to the ingredients that the Maybelline Baby Lips formula contain...yup you guessed it Petroleum more commonly known as Vaseline. Sure said ingredient initially coats the lips in a barrier of moisture but the problem with Petroleum is that they tend to only mask the problem of dry skin/lips with a barrier of hydration and over time said ingredient will suck out extra moisture from the skin/lips making the problem worse not better. Ugh!

In terms of tint again I do feel that the Maybelline Baby Lips fall pretty short from the mark and don't really show up on my lips. Sadly I have to be honest and say that I feel for the hype and although I wouldn't repurchase these again - they are due to hit the UK later on this year, I will raise my hand and say that they are not the worst lip balm I have ever encountered.

For those wondering where I purchased the Limited Edition Maybelline Baby Lips it was unsurprisingly eBay, a quick search on there will find them should you wish to purchase any.

Have you tried the Maybelline Baby Lips? If so yay or nay?