Say what a Healthy Mix blush?
Yes my beauty loving friends Bourjois have expanded the Healthy Mix line to include a suit all blush shade. However that is not all Bourjois have also re-formulated and re-packed the original Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation but more on that later.

Bourjois blushes have always or as long as my memory serves came presented within small round
plastic pots that are coloured co-ordinated to match the shade of the powder product and include a small brush and a fairly decent mirror.
I hate to sound like a brush snob but I do have to state that the brush inside is pretty rough and far from ideal (in my opinion) but I do know a few that swear by it for contouring?
As the product is baked I can't really say I have encountered any problems over the years
and deem both the packaging and blush fairly robust.
Essentially for a £7.49 blush the packaging is great - sturdy and attractive, top marks to Bourjois!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Little Round Pot Blush is a beautiful shade that is officially listed as a peachy tone but I would have to argue that it is more of yellow based coral that leans natural and should be beautiful on all complexions due to the neutral undertone.
It reminds me ever so slightly of a long gone MAC product which does happen to be the infamous Ripe Peach but only matte in formula of course.
Despite being matte in formula it isn't flat or dull, it adds a lovely pop of colour to the cheeks.
If you are looking for a goregous light and natural peachy/coral shade that is packed with pigment to see you through spring and summer then look no further than Bourjois Healthy Mix Little Round Pot Blush.
It's a must have in my opinion and one I imagine you'll be hearing a lot about.

Unlike other baked blushes I do find the formula of the Bourjois blushes to be a little dry.
Howver the pigmentation is there and picks up well on a brush, applies with ease and blends out
with minimal effort and works well with oily skin types in terms of lasting power.
It is only fair to mention that in the past I and other have noticed that with continued use that Bourjois Little Round Pot blushes tend to form a bizarre layer on top of the product (i'm told it is to do with skin oils)and become a littlemore hard in texture. To resolve this I tend to use a small chunk of (clean) sandpaper
and run it around the blush to shave off the top layer...wasteful yes but at least that way you can continue using the product.The beauty of the Healthy Mix shade is that it is matte so it does not settle into open pores and/or fine lines allowing it to live up to it's suit all claim.
It terms of lasting power I find the Bourjois formula to wear for around 8-9 hours before
I notice a little fading when primed.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Little Round Pot Blush* £7.49/2.5g and will be available from most Bourjois stockists such as Boots and Superdrug when it launches later this month.

* Product sent for consideration.