Friday, March 29, 2013

Bubbles & Butters Company Crazy for Chocolate

With it being Good Friday (apparently good in this sense means Holy...everyday is a school day) I thought it would only be fair to share a calorie free way to enjoy some hips are already thanking me.
Let me introduce you all to the Bubbles & Butters Company Crazy for Chocolate range but I warn you now it smells so good that you may be tempted to reach for a bar of the real stuff too!

Bubbles & Butters Company offer a number of bath and body products for reasonable prices £2-£6 and with a number of tantalizing scents - Strawberry, Chocolate and Mango.
I've touched on the fact that Chocolate scented products as far as fragrance goes is very difficult to do and as a rule I do tend to avoid such scent but luckily the Bubbles & Butters Company Crazy for Chocolate fragrance is pretty realistic - sweet with a slight hazelnut edge, it really does smell good enough to eat.

The Bubbles & Butters Company Crazy for Chocolate Super Soft Bath Bubbles produces oodles upon oodles of soft, moisturising bubbles that gently scent the skin as well as providing a hydrating treat.
If like myself you don't own a bath and have to make do with a daily shower then you may want to try out the Crazy for Chocolate Shower Bubbles. Essentially this is one of the most foaming shower products I have ever used and is a whole lot of fun as well as smelling like it belongs in your tummy not on your skin.

If your skin is calling out for a little T.L.C then you will enjoy the Crazy for Chocolate Body Butter is a thick and luxurious moisturiser that moisturises a treat without being greasy or leaving behind any yucky residue.
It leaves the skin lightly scented, well hydrated and even works well on troublesome areas such as knees, elbows and heels.

You can find the Bubbles & Butters Company* offerings in Tesco and also online via the Bath and Body Shop with prices ranging from £2-£6 -link.

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  1. I always see this range and think it looks really good!

    Megan x

  2. Ah wow, makes me so hungry! I would be tempted to eat everything :p
    Lucia x

  3. They all sound gorgeous! Really tempted to order a few things now.

  4. This has made me hungry haha!


  5. This is right up my street! I love sweet scents so I'll be having a look out for this!

  6. Hmm look a bit too sweet for my liking but then again... I'm not eating them hehe. Love it
    Fashion Ganache.

  7. Love the packaging! ♥

  8. This sounds like the type of thing that !'d have tried to eat when I was a bit younger and a little bit naive. (body shop body butters do not taste like they smell! I should have known really...)

    Love Lorna xx //


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