Mavala Nails Polish Spring 2013 Photo

Strictly speaking this is not Mavala's offering for Spring 2013 but I'm sure most will agree that you don't get much more Spring like than sugary sweet pastels - mint and lemon shades forever being my favourites.
The four shades I am about to show you all do have a claim to fame, they were featured in Holly Fulton's S/S13 London Fashion Week show for a cool retro 60's vibe.

Mavala Nails Polish Spring 2013 Photo

Mavala polishes are pretty dinky in size at 5ml each but they are wonderful for traveling with or for those like myself who never manage to finish a full bottle of polish!
The Mavala formula is free of parabens, formaldeydes, tolune, camphore, cellophane, animal products
and heavy metal (the substance not the music genre), the unique formula also allows the nail bed to breathe as it delivers unique microscopic air pockets.

Mavala Nails Polish Spring 2013 Photo
Mavala Nails Polish Spring 2013 Photo

Mavala White - Every polish collection deserves a white polish not just to rock the all out white look (try it in the summer with a tan I'm willing to bet you will like it so much more) but to use as a base coat for all those streaky pastel shades or to make a neon nail polish really pop! The Mavala White shade is faultless yes it is very stark but it is opaque in one coat which is pretty rare. My current favourite white polish.

Mavala Lagoon - A pastel toned turquoise shade that veers more green than it does blue, it is nice enough but not truly unique. However it does apply beautifully and is fully opaque in two coats which dries wonderfully well and even.

Mavala Lemon Cream - This lemon reminds me of cute little fluffy Easter chicks and again is one of those shades that really pops on tanned and deeper skin tones. Sadly as with a lot of pastel toned shades this does apply a little streaky and is not completely even in finish after three coats.

Mavala Aquamarine - Don't let the name fool you this a slightly duller than average mint green that almost borders on being a sage green. If you are not quite ready or perhaps simply don't like cutesy milky pastel shades this makes for a wonderful Spring/Summer shade. Mavala Aquamarine applies similarly to Lagoon - opaque in two coats with no streaking.

You can find the above Mavala shades* at Debenhams - link and John Lewis - link

- * products featured have been sent for consideration.